Limberg II: An Event with an Impact


An important milestone at Europe's largest power plant construction site: the 750-metre-long pressure tunnel was struck through.

The challenge posed by the inclination angle
"The building of this pressure tunnel represented a major challenge for us on account of the large inclination angle of 45 degrees. We originally wanted to complete the work on the inclined chute in November. The milling of the intersection surfaces for the inclined chute component took somewhat longer. Nevertheless, we are still making very good progress with the building works," said Limberg II project manager Erich Wagner.
The 750-metre-long and 5.8-metre-diameter pressure tunnel connects the engine chamber, which has been erected in the area of the existing upper level of the Kaprun power plant, with the upper chamber surge shaft, which has been excavated high above the Wasserfallboden reservoir. All excavation works will be completed by the end of March 2008.

A 900 tonne colossus
The water propulsion tunnel drill – with a total weight of 900 tons – is 240 metres long. To date, the colossus has worked its way 2.6 kilometres into the mountain. Upon completion, the 3.5-kilometre-long water propulsion tunnel should connect the surge tank with the "Mooserboden" reservoir. In January 2008, work began on laying concrete in the power chamber. The winter’s lack of snow made it possible to partially use the road to the Höhenburg am Mooserboden construction site for important transport. Around 200 specialists are currently employed at the Limberg II construction site.