Verbund to back Mountain Rescue


Verbund and the Salzburg Mountain Rescue have decided to enter cooperation. In addition to the procurement of top modern equipment, there will be joint activities focusing on accident prevention as well as information campaigns on the topic of safety on alpine terrain.

As a strong and reliable partner in Salzburg, Verbund is deeply rooted in the region: For many decades, the Verbund high alpine power plants have been generating clean, nature and environment friendly energy in Salzburg. The Salzburg Mountain Rescue, in turn, is untiring in its efforts and commitment in securing safety in the mountains whenever needed. What, therefore, would be more natural than cooperation between Verbund and the Mountain Rescue?

In future, Verbund will thus be supporting the volunteers of the Salzburg Mountain Rescue in the execution of their voluntary commitment.

Reinforced safety
The partnership will provide an added measure of safety for all those who feel at home in the Salzburg mountains. Cooperation with Verbund will make it possible for the Salzburg Mountain Rescue to procure state-of-the-art equipment – a sine qua non for the highly specialized rescuing tasks. Moreover, there will be joint activities focusing on accident prevention, as well as information campaigns regarding the subject of safety in Alpine terrain. 

Dr. Michael Pistauer, Verbund Chairman of the Board, and Peter Gruber, Head of the Provincial Administrative Office of the Salzburg Mountain Rescue, sealed their future cooperation with a hearty handshake. Avalanche rescue dog "Massimo", as a representative of the rescue dog brigade, surveyed the scene.
Verbund looks forward to a long and successful cooperation!