Hannes Sereinig is new president of World Energy Council Austria


The General Meeting saw the unanimous election of Hannes Sereinig, Verbund Deputy Chairman of the Board, as president of the WEC Austria for a term of three years.

WEC Austria, i.e. the Austrian member committee of the World Energy Council, has been part of the World Energy Council, the leading global NGO for energy questions with meanwhile approx. 100 other national committees, since its establishment in 1923.

As with Austria, worldwide members of the Council include major energy companies, energy research institutes, energy consumer organizations and interested authorities.

It is the task of the WEC to promote the sustainability of supply and consumption of energy at the best possible benefit of everyone involved. As the only worldwide NGO, it deals with all questions and forms of energy. WEC has an observer status with the United Nations and a broad network of national and international connections within the energy industry.

Further information on the WEC Informationen zum WEC: http://www.wec-austria.at/