Newly Constituted VERBUND Supervisory Board


At the regularly held election of the Supervisory Board in the course of the 63rd General Meeting of electricity provider VERBUND on 7 April 2010, seven members were reappointed and three new members elected. The new members are Christa Wagner (Josko Fenster), Harald Kaszanits (Federal Ministry of Economy) and Reinhold Süßenbacher (Umdasch).

The total number of shareholder representatives remains stable at ten; the percentage of women has doubled to two, taking into consideration the Supervisory Board members delegated by the Works Council.

In the constituent meeting of the Supervisory Board, which took place following the General Meeting, presiding chairman Gilbert Fizberg (54) was confirmed in office by election. Maximilian Eiselsberg (63), as first deputy, and Peter Püspök (63), as second deputy, were re-elected. All elections were unanimous. The shareholder representatives have been appointed until 2015.

Frizberg thanked the Supervisory Board for the vote of confidence: "We will thus continue to pursue the successful path of VERBUND. International competitiveness as a boost for the company as well as the reinforcement of our position of the Austrian domestic market will continue to be primary goals," Frizberg concluded.

Regarding the VERBUND Managing Board agendas – Managing Board member Christian Kern will be leaving the Board in June in order to take up his new office at ÖBB –, these will be decided at the next Supervisory Board meeting on 11 May 2010.

Shareholder representatives in the VERBUND Supervisory Board:
Gilbert Frizberg, Chairman
Maximilian Eiselsberg, First Deputy Chairman
Peter Püspök, Second Deputy Chairman
Alfred Heinzel
Burkhard Hofer
Harald Kaszanits, NEW
Herbert Kaufmann
Reinhold Süßenbacher, NEW
Christa Wagner, NEW
Siegfried Wolf