High Precision Job Limberg II Transformer Transport


220 tons transported by road from Maishofen to the rear of Kaprun Valley - Limberg II continues to be ahead of schedule - mining works completed.

The transportation of the first 220-ton generator transformer to its destination in the Limberg II transformer cavern was successfully completed in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The journey of the 2.5 million Euro freight started out in the Siemens factory in Weiz (Styria), from where it was transported to Maishofen by rail. In the night from Monday to Tuesday, the transformer was then taken by road right through to the Limberg II construction site in the rear of Kaprun Valley.

Transportation at Walking Pace
Just as the experts from the Felbermayr transport specialists overcame the challenges of the approx. 20 kilometres of road transportation, so too did they conquer the challenges of the final stretch. In addition to the incline of the road, it was above all the approach to the transformer cavern through the approx. 5-kilometre-long Schrahnbach tunnel that presented a special challenge. Despite the cramped conditions, it was possible to bring the transformer to its destination at a walking pace and with the utmost care.

Project is ahead of schedule
Paul Stering, project manager of Limberg II, says happily: "The first of the two generator transformers has provided us with a further important component for the completion of Limberg II. We await the arrival of the second transformer in two weeks time. The entire project continues to be way ahead of its original schedule. It is our belief that we will be able to complete Limberg II as early as 2011." By means of the transformer, the electricity produced by hydropower turbines and generators is being brought up to the grid's transportable voltage level to enable it to then be transported to the consumers.

Limberg II continues to be ahead of the project schedule
In addition to the delivery of the important components for the completion of Limberg II, the work on the construction site itself is making rapid progress. A final blasting has resulted in a connection between the water works channel and Wasserfallboden reservoir. With that, the mining works of the power plant construction site are complete; the follow-up works on the reservoir are now underway. To this end, the Wasserfallboden and Mooserboden reservoirs have been drained. The rainwater and snowmelt currently running in is being lead away via the bottom outlet, as per the ruling. The damming up of the reservoirs will commence in good time before the start of the main tourism season.

Limberg III
VERBUND's interest in constructing Limberg III is unwavering. For this reason, initiated proceedings to examine the environmental compatibility of the sister project, Limberg II, continue to be carried out systematically. However, the actual implementation is dependent upon the construction of the Salzburg line II, which represents a basic prerequisite for the new project.