"Priority for 100% Renewable Electric Mobility"


Greenpeace, Klimabündnis and VERBUND Call For Statutory E-Mobility Timetable

Vienna – In a joint press conference, Greenpeace, Klimabündnis and VERBUND forewarned of an imminent backfiring in the development of mobility. The reason for the uncommon alliance: The call for precedence and more speed for e-mobility powered by electricity from one hundred percent renewable energies. "A statutory timetable is required, one which primarily ensures that electric vehicles are powered exclusively with electricity from renewable energies, or else the progress threatens to become an ecological regression," is the unanimous view of environmental organisations and energy suppliers. It is intended that a joint study, which will be developed by autumn of this year, as well as the initiative for an electric mobility summit, will support the political process.

Counting among the central demands of the 21st century is a growing global energy requirement, which we must face in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. In addition, the way in which we move about in future will have a great impact upon the design of our living space. Accompanying the development of electric mobility is the important opportunity to significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in the transport sector. "In the years 1990 through to 2010, CO2 emissions in the transport sector rose by some 56 percent; this development must urgently be counteracted," said Klimabündnis Managing Director Peter Molnar knowingly and stressed: "It is only if the source of power of the renewable energies (especially water, wind and solar plants) is safeguarded that the mobility transition can fulfil the positive ecological effects that are promised of it."

"In-depth studies substantiate the fact that one hundred percent electricity from renewable energies for electric cars is both feasible and realistic and is beneficial for customers, the environment, politics and the economy," affirmed VERBUND CEO Wolfgang Anzengruber. "By means of a clear regulation in the electric mobility sector, it will not just be possible to achieve a significant reduction in the CO2 emissions from traffic, better air and less noise, we will also simultaneously be in the position of being able to fulfil the climate goals. The fossil resources can be reduced in the energy sector and the dependence upon them lessened accordingly, which results in an overall growth impulse for all market participants," says Anzengruber.

Maximum speed is now urged in the implementation process at both Austrian and European level. "Clear regulations on the source of the electricity for electric mobility are urgently called for, both at a federal and EU level. If the Austrian federal government continues to drive with the handbrake on, the so-called clean mobility solution will degenerate into fraudulent labelling," says Greenpeace Managing Director Alexander Egit and warns against wasting these ecological and industry policy opportunities. Furthermore, he appears to be disappointed that Austria has not made the most of its possibility to play a pioneering role in Europe in terms of electric mobility: "The Austrian federal government appears at ease in its role as observer, rather than finally seizing the opportunity to force the system into European policy," says Egit.

In order that Austria pursues the right path in terms of electric mobility, Greenpeace, Klimabündnis and VERBUND are calling for rapid action and initiating a mobility summit – directed, not least, at the Austrian federal government. "By the autumn, at the latest, definitive discussion must be taking place. We have already commissioned a scientific study, which will show how a successful system for the introduction of one hundred percent renewable electric mobility should look," conclude Anzengruber, Egit and Molnar on the issue of the timeframe.

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