VERBUND and the fire brigade in Lower Austria – a close cooperation


VERBUND invested approx. 27 million euro for fire prevention and protective equipment for Lower Austrian fire brigades.

On 18 April, VERBUND, Austria's electricity provider, at the provincial fire brigade academy in Tulln, presented the fire brigade commands of the power plant municipalities on the Danube in Upper Austria with protective fire equipment in the value of 230,000 euro. The equipment is especially for the specific operating conditions at the VERBUND power plants of Ybbs-Persenbeug, Melk, Altenwörth and Greifenstein and will, of course, also benefit the volunteer fire brigade in all other operations. 

In the course of the implementation of the project "Improvement of fire prevention and protective equipment" at the nine Danube power plants from Aschach to Vienna,VERBUND, over the past years, has invested 27 million euro (13 million of which went towards the four power plants situated in Lower Austria) in the overhaul of the fire prevention and protection systems of the Danube power plants. This occurred in close cooperation with the provincial fire brigade commands and the local fire brigades.

The different items and devices for the fire brigades in Lower Austria were presented on the day of the awarding; more specifically, by Michael Amerer, Member of the Managing Board of VERBUND Hydro Power AG, the VERBUND hydropower subsidiary, to Dietmar Fahrafellner, provincial fire prevention director, and Franz Schuster, director of the provincial fire brigade academy in Lower Austria, on behalf of the fire brigade commands of the power plant municipalities. Among the items donated were: gas masks, infrared cameras, high-performance fans, fog nozzles, CO alarm units, rescue hoods, gas masks with voice communication devices, walkie-talkies, portable smoke blockers or anti-fall guards for wearers of gas masks.

Close cooperation between VERBUND and the fire brigade

Michael Amerer, CEO of VERBUND Hydro Power AG: "To us, the subject of fire prevention is paramount. This year, we have invested some 27 million euro in the optimization of our plants with regard to fire prevention and protective equipment. Of special importance to us is the interaction and collaboration with the fire brigades. With our support in terms of equipment, we wish to show our appreciation for the honorary commitment and close collaboration."


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