VERBUND and Mayors Engaging in Dialogue


Matter-of-fact discussion regarding century flood on the Danube well under way

Experts from VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company and operator of the Danube power plants, today continued the series of business discussions with Rudi Anschober, member of the provincial government of Upper Austria, and mayors from the Eferdinger Becken area regarding the June floods. In accordance with the promises to actively participate in the restoration, field experts discussed the subjects of flood progression, power plant utilisation and sedimentation.

As already promised immediately after the flood, VERBUND makes use of every opportunity to answer unanswered or new questions surrounding the century flood. Today's discussion with Rudi Anschober in the Linzer Landhaus (seat of the Upper Austrian provincial government) once again involved questions regarding flood progression and the critical point from 3 to 4 June. It was important to explain to those affected that there was no possibility on the part of the power plant operation to retain the enormous amounts of water.

Sediments: Investigations are ongoing, VERBUND stands by its commitment

The second topic focused on sediments. Even in 1954, hence, long before the construction of the Danube power plants, enormous damages were reported through massive mud accumulations on the fields in the Eferdinger Becken area; the damages resulting from this year's flooding are of similar magnitude. Currently, VERBUND is examining the reservoir areas with the help of radio-echo sounding measurements, which, together with independent recordings by via donau, are analysed by the superior water authorities.

Calculations so far have produced the following results: The flood of 2013, according to current measurements, has yielded far more water than 1954. Back then there were no Danube power plants in Austria, yet, the flood limits of 1954 were not reached this year. Which leads to the conclusion that the flood drainage system of the Danube has at least not suffered.

As already promised in the flood summit of 9 July, VERBUND will comply with all official obligations and stands by its responsibility as power plant operator, neighbour and partner of the residential municipalities.

Information sessions in the municipalities

Parallel to that, VERBUND will comply with the wishes of numerous mayors and relief organisations and hold information sessions. First dates for the Upper Danube valley and the municipality of Ottensheim are already under discussion.


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