VERBUND lowers electricity prices for private customers*


Effective 1 September 2013, VERBUND is lowering the energy prices of its current H2Ö product range for households and agriculture

  • VERBUND is the first electricity provider in Austria to lower energy prices for private customers and pass on reduced wholesale prices 
  • an approx. 10% reduction in energy prices for the average household customer with an annual electricity consumption of approx. 3,500 kWh
  • new, reduced prices are effective 1 September 2013
  • low-cost H2Ö tariff for 100% Austrian hydroelectricity 

For an average private household with an electricity consumption of approx. 5,300 kWh, this means savings of around 10%. The price reduction refers to the net energy price without grid costs, taxes and dues. The offer applies to existing VERBUND customers as well as new customers."

VERBUND is the first electricity provider in Austria to reduce energy prices for private customers and passing on the reduced wholesale prices," says CEO Wolfgang Anzengruber.

"Switching to VERBUND electricity from 100% hydropower is ecologically meaningful and economically attractive."


H2Ö electricity from 100% Austrian hydropower
More and more customers insist on knowing where their electricity comes from. Which, for VERBUND, as leading electricity provider, is a positive. With 125 certified hydropower plants, VERBUND produces eco-friendly electricity from 100% pure hydropower from Austria. By purchasing VERBUND's H2Ö products, private customers can rest assured that they are using 100% Austrian hydropower-generated electricity and thus making a valuable contribution to climate protection. 

Switching made easy
Switching to VERBUND as a new electricity provider is quick and easy to accomplish. Online users can simply change by clicking on and accessing the new product system and switching in this manner. You can also switch by phone: simply call the VERBUND call centre at 0800-210-210, Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., free from throughout Austria. Existing customers will receive written notifications within the next few days and weeks.

*referring to the net energy price without grid costs, taxes and dues respectively.


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