Out and About in Clean Fashion: The New TV Advert from VERBUND on the Subject of E-mobility


In the new TV advert from VERBUND, Stermann and Grissemann demonstrate just how easy it is to be out and about in an environmentally-friendly way. Especially Grissemann makes it easy for himself once more and has easily stolen away electricity from Stermann. Whether an e-car, e-bike or mobile phone - he charges up with clean electricity and, of course, doesn't have to have a guilty conscience. After all, he is using electricity from hydropower. Grissemann then treats himself to a cool drink - of course, from Stermann's fridge.

VERBUND brings to the screen a current and important topic for the future. VERBUND has been working for years already on making clean e-mobility usable for everybody. An e-car is only environmentally-friendly if it is filled with clean electricity from renewable energy sources. Together with SMATRICS, an Austrian-wide charging network has now emerged which gives everyone the chance to move around as environmentally-friendly as Grissemann.

For the head of VERBUND communications Beate McGinn, this topic is an important innovation: "Clean electricity for the home should be a matter of course for everyone", says Beate McGinn. "To be out and about in an e-car is not only fun, but is also the next big step for more climate protection. VERBUND will deliver the electricity for it and from 100% Austrian hydropower too".

Irene Sagmeister, Managing Director of the advertising agency TBWA says: "We are pleased with how diverse the stories around Stermann & Grissemann have developed. Even innovative topics lend themselves easily to being communicated in a consumer-friendly way. There is still more to come!".


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