Clean Electricity that Comes from the Region is a Hit


The popular music duo "Die Turbinos" come up with a hit for VERBUND: My heart beats for electricity that flows from the region…

Golden jackets and smooth voices: You will hardly believe your eyes when you see the new VERBUND campaign, there seem to be two folk-pop music stars who look almost just like Stermann & Grissemann! The music duo "The Turbinos" sings in praise of clean electricity from the region. With a totally trendy song, they will advertise what VERBUND does in the whole of Austria - a hit with a massive wink.

In the new regional campaign for VERBUND, Stermann & Grissemann have an encounter of an extraordinary kind when they come across themselves as the hit duo "The Turbinos": In the TV advert, which was newly re-modified by director Andreas Prochaska, the two public darlings not only show off their singing skills, but also become the biggest fans of the merry folk-pop singer duo with the hit song "Clean electricity from the region". For the head of VERBUND Communications, Beate McGinn, the topic of regional origin is something that lies close to the heart: "We have more than 100 hydropower plants in all of Austria, so electricity really does always completely come from nearby: From Tyrol to Styria and it's just the same in Vienna, where it comes from Freudenau. We wanted to communicate this fact in an entertaining way and this is what we have achieved with the Turbinos. You see, just like VERBUND, the Turbinos also have a lot of affection for the local region."

Irene Sagmeister, Managing Director of the TBWA advertising agency in charge has also declared herself to be a fan of the Turbinos, she says "The trend towards switching electricity is becoming sustainable: a further good reason to switch is that clean electricity from hydropower comes from "my neighbourhood". This regional proximity is something we lovingly convey."

The amusing campaign will be accompanied by numerous advertising measures, which will play with the theme of regional origin. In Salon Strom, everything revolves around the Turbinos. Fans can, for example, look forward to seeing the exclusive interview between Stermann & Grissemann and the wonderful duo. There are not merely great prizes to be won at "Regional-guessing", one can also observe Stermann & Grissemann attempting to be Styrian, Viennese or Tyrolean. This is an entertaining campaign for VERBUND, which will hopefully convert more people into fans of clean electricity with a regional origin.


Employer: VERBUND, Beate McGinn, Heinz Schmid
Advertising agency: TBWA\
GF: Irene Sagmeister
ED: Iliana Gehart
KB: Lena Witzany, Barbara Brugger-Buchmann
CD: Gerda Reichl-Schebesta, Bernhard Grafl
AD: Maik Wollrab
Text: Christina Niederdorfer
Graphic: Zoi Samara
Film production: JERKfilms
Director: Andreas Prochaska
Camera: Mario Minichmayr
Composer: Ludwig Coss, MG-Sound
Online: Screenagers
Media planning: Vizeum


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