Drava River: Precautionary Measures Have Made an Impact

14.08.2014Edling, Feistritz, Rosegg, Heiligenblut

Refilling of the Drava has begun. Bottom outlet opening in the Margaritzen storage area allowed for a sufficient retention capacity in the night time hours in the Mölltal valley.

Due to the predicted decrease in precipitation, VERBUND is beginning to refill the reservoirs of the Drau power plant chain. The power plants continue to be staffed.

In the Mölltal valley, sufficient retention capacity during night-time hours was created already yesterday afternoon, through the opening of the scour outlet at the foot of the dam in the Margaritzen reservoir. At the opening of the scour outlet, the effectiveness of the continuously redistributed sediment to Kaprun since 2011 could be felt, as the run-off water in the Möll was clean.

20,000 litres of water per second have been and continue to be pumped into the reservoir storage of Mooserboden on the north side of the Hohen Tauern in Kaprun (Salzburg). Thanks to these measures, the water level in the storage facility in Margaritze could be considerably decreased and its retention capacity until the night-time hours maintained.


Portrait Florian Seidl Florian Seidl

Spokesperson Region East

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