VERBUND implements more sustainable environmentally-friendly measures

03.10.2014Reißeck and Mühldorf

Two new ecological projects and an exciting themed route fulfil their purpose.

VERBUND implements further sustainable environmental measures in the Möll valley

In the last months, VERBUND has created a nature-orientated stretch of water of around one hectare in size, for young fishers on the river mouth of the Möll in the Reisseck reservoir at Kolbnitz, to act as a further ecological compensatory measure to the Reisseck II pumped storage power plant. The eco-project, along with the renaturated Sachsenweg canal and the new themed path entitled "Hydropower-Nature-Fishing", was opened with a ceremony and was awarded the "Habitat Water Prize" by the state of Carinthia on Friday, 3 October.

The new themed path means: a strong upgrading of the local recreation area.

In the course of the construction of the pumped storage power plant, Reisseck II, a three kilometre long themed path entitled "Hydropower-Nature-Fishing" was built in the last months and runs from Mühldorf to the western end of the Reisseck reservoir. Valuable habitats, fishing areas, but also clean electricity production through native hydropower will be displayed on altogether eight information panels using high-quality photo exhibits and elucidating explanations.

"The new themed path illustrates the impressive interaction of hydropower, nature and fishing and sustainably increases the value of the local recreation area around the Rottau reservoir as well as the Möll valley bike path", explains Dr. Karl Heinz Gruber, CEO of VERBUND Hydropower GmbH.

New body of standing water in Reisseck: Young fishers are welcome!

A new body of standing water was created at the mouth of the Möll in the Rottau reservoir in addition to the themed path. It is about one hectare in size and is up to five metres deep. Furthermore, the gently sloping banks provide safe fishing possibilities for children and teenagers.

"In fishing ponds such as the body of standing water in Reisseck, there are mostly rainbow trout, carp and tench. These fish species are particularly compatible with standing bodies of water, as they can thus feed themselves well and can cope better with the water temperatures, which are higher than in the Möll valley", says a pleased Gert Gradnitzer, a licensed fisherman in the Möll valley, regarding the new area of water.

Renaturation of the Sachsenweg canal: more nature, more safety

The upper water canal of the Malta-Unterstufe power plant, originally a concrete trapezoidal flume, underwent a further ecological measure in previous months and had near-natural fill slopes built in order to bolster its value ecologically. Due to the renaturation of the canal banks, there was subsequently additional space for bank vegetation and for valuable retreat areas for aquatic birds, amphibians, reptiles and dragonflies, which is typical for the area.

The left side of the canal is made almost entirely out of artificial dams, which due to their thick and compact composition, guarantee the safety and protection of the surrounding habitats. The new soft bank structures additionally offer people and animals walking on them considerably higher safety.

"Habitat Water Sign" for bodies of still water in Reisseck

The Reisseck still body of water was conferred the "Habitat Water Sign" by the Governor of Environmental issues, Rolf Holub, on Friday 3 October 2014 at 11:30am. It is among the 130 most beautiful water areas on Carinthia's rivers and streams and falls within the framework of the Habitat Water initiative of the water department of the State of Carinthia.
Already in the previous year, the new Rottau-Mühldorf fish ladder, which is an equally important component of the new themed path, received the title of "Habitat Water Sign".

The Reisseck II pumped storage power plant is an important motivational force for increased creation of regional value

High above the Carinthian Möll valley one can find the Mühldorfer pit, currently the biggest power plant construction site in Austria. With its pumped storage power plant, VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH, together with its partners KELAG und Energie AG Upper Austria, is investing not only in the development of renewable energy in Austria, it is also creating one of the most high-performance hydropower plant groups in Europe, which includes the power plants in Malta and Reisseck.

With this, the partners are also boosting regional added value. 385 million euros will be invested during construction, which will last more than four years. The project will generate hundreds of workplaces in industry, in the construction sector, trading, accommodation establishments and in gastronomy. Altogether, six million euros will be invested in ecological compensatory measures at the Reisseck II pumped storage power plant.


Robert Zechner

Spokesperson Region South

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