International climate protection distinction for VERBUND


Top results in this year's CDP Climate Leadership Awards in Munich

International Climate Protection Award for VERBUND

On 16 October 2014, VERBUND received an award as part of the CDP Climate Leadership Awards in Munich for its success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for how it actively handles the economic risks involved with climate change. For the first time, it was listed on the CDP Climate Performance Leadership index. Moreover, with 99/100 points, VERBUND is once more the best energy company, outperforming well-known German and Swiss energy companies in the D-A-CH region (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) in the field of transparency of emissions data.

"As one of the most climate-friendly electricity companies in Europe, we're the leaders in low-carbon economy in electricity production. VERBUND itself no longer invests in CO2-emitting technology. With this in mind, we see this excellent decision and the admission into the CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index as a confirmation of this" says a pleased Wolfgang Anzengruber, CEO of VERBUND.

178 leading companies worldwide in the CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index show that climate change and financial returns are not mutually exclusive. Much to the contrary, the financial relevance of the climate change is increasing and has an increasing influence on the performance of companies on the capital market. On behalf of by now 767 international investors, which represent a third of the invested capital worldwide, CDP assesses worldwide affiliated groups listed on the stock exchange. Of nearly 2000 evaluated companies, this year only 178 were admitted into the CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index. VERBUND is one of the 12 energy suppliers worldwide and one of the only two Austrian companies listed in the index.

Award for Outstanding Results in Climate Protection

Climate Performance Leaders receive an award for their success in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as for their professional handling of the financial risks involved in the climate change. The companies invest in new technology and managed to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases by 33 million tons of CO2 in 2013, all the while also getting impressive financial results. The results of the evaluation by the CDP in the form of achieved points in different categories are available to worldwide investors and decision-makers via Bloomberg terminals (among others).

Threefold Success at Climate Reporting: Country, Industry Group and Index Leader

VERBUND is also a leader in the category of transparency and usability of publicised emission data and company strategy. With 99 points from a maximum of 100, together with OMV, VERBUND is the best Austrian company (country leader) and is 27 points over the Austrian average. VERBUND is also the best energy supplier as well as sector and index leader in the ATX (together with OMV) in the D-A-CH region. In this way, the leading Austrian electricity company, which is also the largest producer of electricity from hydropower in Bavaria and most important supplier of green energy in Germany, also greatly surpassed German energy companies such as E.ON and RWE.

In the course of the presentation of the awards in BMW Welt in Munich, company representatives from DAX, MDAC, SMI and ATX discussed their climate protection strategies. The several-times Olympic champion Britta Steffen, who is also an economist for environment and sustainability, spoke about her experiences in the high-performance sport and about pursuing and reaching one's long-term goals.

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project evaluates the worldwide reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and climate protection by companies listed on the stock exchange. CDP represents the worldwide leading climate databank, which is based on the initiative of 767 international investors. CDP cooperates with investors in order to make investment possibilities more transparent and the risks of global warming comparable and to reduce them. The CDP DACH 350 2014 climate change report is available here:

VERBUND is one of the Most Environmentally-friendly Electricity Companies in Europe

VERBUND feels bound to all its activities and to its responsible and sustainable approach to dealing with the environment. The protection of the natural resources through the optimisation of the fluxes in materials and energy are a priority. It is of utmost importance to VERBUND to avoid all that could damage the environment and to reduce those harmful factors. The award from the CDP, which has been awarded to VERBUND since 2007, confirms this.


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