Bavarian State Prize for VERBUND Trainee Christian Preis


Christian Preis from the VERBUND training workshop in Töging obtained the Bavarian State prize for outstanding academic and practical achievements.

VERBUND Innkraftwerke GmbH and operator of 14 hydropower plants on the Inn is delighted about its apprentice, Christian Preis, who is the recipient of an award from the Bavarian state government. Every year the Bavarian state government honours those vocational college graduates who have achieved an especially good degree. As part of an hour-long ceremony in the District Office of Altötting, District Administrator Erwin Schneider presented the certificate in recognition of Preis’ special academic achievements and spoke of the great esteem in which the young man’s performance is held.

Michael Amerer, in charge of VERBUND apprentice training, shared his delight with our young colleagues: "In the apprenticeship training, we place importance on individual supervision and the promotion of apprentices by the foreman and power plant colleagues. This path is endorsed through the Bavarian State Prize. Thanks to our personally developed dual training, which is the only one of its kind in Europe, as well as the practical training at our sites, our apprentices are optimally trained and skilled employees, who have outstanding career opportunities."

In the apprentice workshop in Töging, Christian Preis completed his vocational college apprenticeship as electronics engineer for industrial engineering with an average grade of 1.0. Not only did he graduate with much success from the vocational college, but he also did so in the practical and theoretical part of the applied vocational training examination. Preis is currently undergoing his second apprenticeship in the profession of machine operator and system supervisor. In parallel to this and during his spare time, he is also attending a two-year preparatory course for the examination for the master craftsmen’s diploma in the electrical trade.

A prize for "Preis"

 "I really enjoy the work because it is so diverse," said a delighted Christian Preis upon receiving the Bavarian State Prize. "I work in the power plant and operate many different machines, where expertise and also skill is called for."

Preis is considered by his colleagues to be extremely hard-working, as well as very reliable, helpful and - above all – a team-minded employee. These are all qualities that he brings with him from his leisure time: Preis is a member of the Neuötting rowing club ("PSV Mühldorf Rudern") and, as an oarsman, you sit in the same boat as your team and only reach the target as a unit. The sport of rowing provides him with balance, which is something that he needs. After all, he is currently preparing for the examination for the master craftsmen’s diploma in the electrical trade and simultaneously completing his second apprenticeship in the profession of machine operator and system supervisor.

The State Prize is awarded annually and is directed at those graduates who have achieved the best academic performances in the vocational training college.

The prerequisite for an apprenticeship at VERBUND
A prerequisite for being granted a coveted apprenticeship at VERBUND is a compulsory school leaving certificate, as well as good grades. In addition, VERBUND expects self-motivation and commitment by the interested parties, as well as the ability to work in a team, flexibility and physical fitness. Following a successful online application and prior to being accepted, the young people must still pass a theory and practical test, as well as undergoing a personal interview.

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