VERBUND at the 2015 E-world Fair in Essen


From 10 to 12 February 2015, the European energy sector fair "E-world energy & water" will be displaying innovative products and services from the electricity and gas sectors in the areas of production, efficiency, trading, transport, storage, smart energy and green technology.

With over 127 hydropower plants and a total production of 7,700 megawatts, VERBUND is the number one hydropower producer in Austria and Bavaria. As a central platform for short-term energy trading, VERBUND is a significant contributor to supply security in the German-Austrian price zone. Based at its Vienna headquarters, the company trades on all important European energy exchanges and OTC markets. Expertise in the areas of energy and meteorology as well as the highest standards for risk assessment and risk protection provide the basis for optimal marketing.
VERBUND has decades of experience in production, trading and sales of electricity and has been active in Germany too, since 2000. Customers include companies such as Volkswagen or Deutsche Bahn, as well as around 150 public utility companies and distributors.

Overview of VERBUND Offers

H2Ö Electricity from 100% Hydropower
With over 127 hydropower plants and a total production of 7,700 megawatts, VERBUND is the number one hydropower producer in Austria and Bavaria. VERBUND is also a pioneer when it comes to the transparency of the electricity source and its hydropower plants have been TÜV SÜD certified for over a decade. This way, customers can rest assured that the amount of energy they have used was truly produced from hydropower. At the E-world trade fair, VERBUND is presenting a comprehensive product range with H2Ö premium electricity for business customers and trade partners.

Innovative Services
In order to guarantee the stability of electricity supply even when there are fluctuations in capacity, the power supply of the future must be intelligently controlled: VERBUND's programme includes innovative products and services for this purpose.

Direct Marketing for Wind Power, Hydropower, Photovoltaic and Biomass Energy
Operators of funded renewable power plants such as those for wind or hydropower and photovoltaic or biomass energy production can now double their profits, seeing as the EEG market premium model is promoting the marketing of these facilities on the spot market and in this way guaranteeing a surplus vis-à-vis the usual EEG buyback price. As a marketing specialist, VERBUND delivers access to the market as well as know-how and thus offers the possibility of additional revenue from participation on the balancing market.

Virtual Energy Storage
Pumped storage units are currently the best option for storing large amounts of electricity. When there is a surplus of electricity, it is pumped out and, when necessary, the turbines for electricity production can be started up. Virtual storage units offer precisely the market flexibility required, without the need for a power plant. Electricity is temporarily stored in these outsourced, virtual storage units and can be used as needed. This innovative service offers customers the flexible, sustainable energy of the Alps to offset fluctuations in demand. The product range, also in combination with the proof of origin, comprises different storage volumes, from week to year-long storage, so that a precise portfolio management is possible.

Virtual Power Plants
In addition to virtual storage units, virtual power plants offer a further modern approach to managing electricity flexibility. The VERBUND Power Pool in Austria is a demand-response management solution that intelligently bundles individual usage and production flexibility and markets it on the electricity balancing market. This flexible control of energy usage offers industry and corporate customers attractive cost reductions or additional revenue. Revenue is generated simply through the willingness to react in a flexible manner should the need arise.

Portfolio Management
VERBUND has many years of experience when it comes to planning tools for prognosis, hedging, pricing and risk assessment. Using complex algorithms, price and volume risks of structured products are quantified. Medium-sized and large industry customers can now access this VERBUND know-how and execute their planning in a secure and cost-efficient manner.

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