Intelligent heating control for VERBUND customers


Save up to 31% on heating costs with the smart thermostat by tado°

VERBUND is happy to present its sales cooperation with the Munich-based start-up company tado°. With the tado° thermostat, VERBUND customers can control their heating automatically via an app, which allows for savings of up to 31% on heating costs.

Globally, one third of all energy consumption is used for heating and cooling buildings, controlled by out-of-date technology that is not "smart". In a fully-automated manner, intelligent control solutions can ensure that energy is not wasted unnecessarily. Through the cooperation with the Munich-based start-up company tado°, VERBUND is offering a highly progressive solution for saving energy. The intelligent heating control tado° ensures greater comfort in the home while saving up to 31% on heating costs.

How does it work?
tado° makes your heating intelligent by creating a link between the heating system, the internet and your smartphone. The tado° app automatically recognises the presence or absence of your home's inhabitants and the smart thermostat regulates the heating accordingly. The temperature is automatically lowered when the last inhabitant leaves the house or apartment and is raised again in sufficient time and, above all, efficiently before you return home. In addition, current weather forecast data and building characteristics are also taken into account. With the tado° app on the smartphone, tablet or PC, each user can gain an overview at any time and from anywhere of how tado° is working for them and how energy consumption is being optimised. If the user wants to take control, they can also manually enter a desired temperature – from anywhere in the world. Through this fully-automated regulation, tado° not only makes daily life easier but it also ensures greater living comfort and cost savings on heating.

The advantages of tado°:

•    tado° ensures a cosy and warm house when the inhabitants are home.
•    tado° lowers the temperature during the night and when no one is home.
•    tado° makes use of weather forecasts, familiarises itself with the building's characteristics and regulates heating and temperature reduction phases accordingly.
•    tado° is almost always the ideal fit and supports 95% of heating systems.
•    tado° can save you up to 31% of heating costs.

Price and Availability
Installing tado° is very easy to do yourself. An intuitive online manual takes the user through the installation step by step. The smart thermostat replaces the existing room thermostat and can be purchased at for 249 euros or rented at a monthly rate of 6.99 euros. Upon purchase or rental, VERBUND customers receive a 20-euro discount. Households without an existing room thermostat can use the tado° Extension Kit to link up their heating system. The Extension Kit comes at a one-off price of 99 euros, or a monthly rental fee of 2.99 euros.

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