Solar power is gaining respectability


The latest incentive programme by the Climate and Energy Fund is now making VERBUND's photovoltaic offers even more attractive!

With a total of € 17 million, the Climate and Energy Fund is once again providing attractive incentives this year for the creation of an environmental and climate-friendly electricity supply. VERBUND customers who now opt for a photovoltaic system enjoy several advantages: funding from the Climate and Energy Fund, the latest VERBUND discount, a convenient complete package and custom-tailored tariffs.

The VERBUND Eco Solar Package now more affordable than ever

The path to your own solar power plant has never been more simple and affordable. At VERBUND, customers receive everything they need from a single source – planning, processing with the funding body, and installation. It goes without saying that every system is a high-quality Austrian product. Furthermore, for each photovoltaic system that is purchased through VERBUND, we are offering higher tariffs for selling on surplus electricity with a guarantee up until 2019. Customers can therefore lean back and look forward to their own solar power plant combined with attractive tariffs. The payback time for the investment in a photovoltaic system is significantly reduced thanks to the current incentive programme by the Climate and Energy Fund – at the same time, generating your own solar power relieves your household budget.

VERBUND complete packages: simple, fast and easy on the budget

The innovative technology comes to your home as a complete package. In close cooperation with regional specialist companies, VERBUND coordinates the planning and installation of the photovoltaic system and also handles everything related to funding. VERBUND customers receive their personal house of the future conveniently and securely form a single source.

More efficiency, independence and security

In addition to the classic photovoltaic offer, VERBUND has further intelligent solutions for homeowners who want to become more efficient, independent and secure. Through the combination of a photovoltaic system, a battery storage unit and a heat pump, the energy you generate is easily, efficiently and cost-effectively utilised and the burden on the environment is eased.

As one Europe's largest producers of electricity from hydropower, VERBUND is setting the tone for electricity generation from renewable sources. With the Eco Packages for energy savers, VERBUND is taking a further important step towards the energy transition, which also means more independence, sustainability and security. The VERBUND product palette is completed by interesting offers for electricity from 100% renewable hydropower, both for households and for environmentally-friendly mobility, i.e. electromobility. "Soon, electricity production will be completely free of CO2, of this I am sure. Combined with the latest incentive programme by the Climate and Energy Fund, the electricity you generate becomes even more affordable and thus more interesting for homeowners. We develop innovative solutions that help our customers achieve more independence quickly and securely and we are thus actively shaping the energy transition. Be it for households, industry or trade, the intelligent use of energy and resources is a must for us all," says Martin Wagner, Managing Director at VERBUND Solutions GmbH.

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