VERBUND is acquiring a stake in SOLAVOLTA: Merged solar power for the future of energy


VERBUND, leading producer of electricity out of hydropower in Austria, and SOLAVOLTA, Austria's market leader for solutions in photovoltaics, are pooling their energy under the sign of the sun.

VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company, is acquiring a 50% share in SOLAVOLTA, a leading full-service supplier of home energy yield systems. In so doing, VERBUND is taking another important step as market-leading provider of CO2-free alternatives toward the achievement of climate goals.

This new partnership perfectly suits the VERBUND strategy for the continuing expansion of renewable technologies, decentralisation, and intelligent offerings for private and commercial customers. Pending permissions under antitrust law from the appropriate competition authorities, it is expected that the partnership will be implemented in mid-August 2015.

With tailor-made offerings like the VERBUND Eco-packets, the two companies have already been working together successfully since 2012. With the combination of photovoltaic systems, battery storage devices, and thermal heat pumps, self-generated energy is made easy, efficient, and affordable. "We're convinced that the provision of electricity will soon be absolutely CO2-free and renewable. The partnership with SOLAVOLTA allows us to further expand the domain of CO2-free technologies in the form of convenient services. Only with innovative avenues and new energy services that the market is demanding will we meet the challenges of the future of electricity and energy," affirm the two members of the Managing Board of VERBUND Solutions GmbH, Martin Wagner and Wolfgang Pell, about the partnership with SOLAVOLTA.

"The future of solar energy is beyond doubt for us – that is why we are pleased that VERBUND has gotten on board, confirming our successful cooperation. We expect as a consequence continual expansion and the strengthening of our market position for a future with a high quality-of-life for the coming generations," emphasize Günter Krupitza and Horst Bauer, founders and executive officers of SOLAVOLTA Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH.

VERBUND Eco-packets: simple, quick, and easy on the budget

The path to a personal solar power generating station was never so easy and affordable as it is today. Thanks to the cooperation with SOLAVOLTA, VERBUND clients receive everything—planning, processing of funding sources, and installation—from a single source. It goes without saying that with these systems, it is a matter of Austrian quality products. Beyond that, for every photovoltaic system that is bought over VERBUND, the company offers a highly attractive rate for electricity consumption, guaranteed until 2019. Customers can thus sit back, relax, and enjoy their own solar power station in combination with alluring rates. The investment in a PV system is mortgaged over about 7 years – at the same time, home-made solar electricity takes pressure off the household budget. Already more than 5000 customers who get their supply of photovoltaic electricity with VERBUND confirm this.

As one of the largest hydropower electricity generators in Europe, VERBUND is foremost in the generation of electricity from renewable sources. The company has already successfully been providing photovoltaic solutions since 2009. The product offerings have been continually expanding since then.

SOLAVOLTA, only founded in 2008, can already look toward market leadership in the green energy sector. As a full-range supplier of photovoltaic systems, SOLAVOLTA arranges for all the steps, from consultation, planning, and funding sources, all the way to the installation of solar power generating stations of any size in the private, commercial, or public domain. In the span of just a few years, the company has developed into an important employer and taxpayer in the municipality of St. Margarethen. A healthy organic growth, focus on core competencies, partnership with energy companies like VERBUND, and the operating team's strong regional roots contribute to the company's success.


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