VERBUND annual report 2014 by the ARGE partners Grayling/Brainds wins ARC Award International

27.08.2015Vienna, New York

The annual report of VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company, garnered two awards at once in the Annual Report Competition (ARC) in New York, the largest and most prominent competition of its kind worldwide: "Silver" for the overall concept and its implementation with regards to content, as well as "Honor" for the cover design. The ARGE partners Grayling/Brainds are responsible for the professional concept and design, and have been in charge of the entire publishing budget of the VERBUND Group for more than five years already.

With an independent international jury and more than 2,000 submissions from 35 countries, the ARC Award is widely regarded as the most important award for annual reports worldwide. The award honours annual reports that especially correspond to the mission statement and communication strategy of the particular company. Special emphasis is placed on design, creativity, and clear presentation of the text.

"The VERBUND annual report is a strong indicator of the corporate governance of the company: it fulfils the requirements of international investor relations work and perfectly reflects the VERBUND vision, with its focus on clean energy and innovative solutions for the energy future," expressed Sigrid Krupica, CEO of Grayling.

"In the design, Brainds prioritised minimalism and elegance, as well as the highest possible readability – especially in the spreadsheet area. As a design metaphor for the transparency and efficiency of the company, we punctuated the cover of the annual report 2014 with pictogrammes from the VERBUND brand world. That this unusual solution appeared to an international first-class jury as worthy of an additional honour is especially exciting for us," added Oliver Heiss, a managing partner at Brainds.

Ingun Metelko Ingun Metelko

Company Spokesperson

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