VERBUND Energy Breakfast on 16 November 2015


VERBUND in Dialogue Topic: Climate protection: (un)ambitious objectives – (in)effective tools?

Climate protection is the challenge of our time. In around 40 days, the world's attention will be directed toward the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. In advance of the UN climate conference, we would like to lead a dialogue on significant climate change policy questions at the VERBUND Energy Breakfast.
After the welcome address from VERBUND Managing Board Member Günther Rabensteiner, Wolfgang Mauch, the Managing Director of the Research Institute for Energy Economy in Munich, will deliver his keynote speech on climate protection, in particular explaining in more detail the concept of the "carbon foot print." This will then be followed by a dialogue between Wolfgang Mauch and Managing Board Director Günther Rabensteiner together with Leonore Gewessler, Managing Director of Global 2000, and Bernhard Kohl, Head of International Climate Protection at voestalpine.
We are looking forward to your participation in the "Energy Breakfast - VERBUND in dialogue" on 16 November 2015.
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