Bauen und Energie Messe Wien: Smart and elegant for the energy future


VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company, presents innovations for the energy turn-around at the Bauen und Energie Messe trade show for construction and energy in Vienna.

From 28 – 31 January, the Messe Wien trade fair is once again the meeting point for all topics relating to construction, energy efficiency and smart homes, with a focus on the environment and innovations for climate protection. An ideal environment for the new VERBUND products for clever energy savers who want to arrange their homes more efficiently, independently, sustainably and safely. VERBUND is thus sending out signals that are just as clear as they are elegant for customers and the environment.

As a supplement to the proven VERBUND eco-packages, in collaboration with SOLAVOLTA, VERBUND is now bringing the Powerwall from Tesla Energy to the Austrian market and providing private customers more storage at a better price, and all that in the stylish Tesla design.

High-power home storage
With 7 Kilowatt hours for daily-cycle operation, the Daily Cycle Powerwall provides enough capacity to sustain most private households with self-generated electricity even at times of peak expenditure. In the case of an electricity outage, it supplies the energy necessary for a half a day of normal operation or around one to one and a half days of emergency operation. A sunny afternoon provides for a fully charged store and is sufficient to supply an A+++ combined refrigerator-freezer with energy for 12 days or to run an A+ television for more than 120 hours.

Another level of personal use
The average household consumes between 10 and 15 kWh of electricity every day, particularly in the morning and the evening. However, solar energy is available primarily at midday and in the afternoon. Storing energy the right way represents the solution to this disparity.  With the Powerwall from Tesla Energy, renewable energy is stored elegantly, and self-generated solar electricity can be used according to need at any time of day – after all, private consumption is the most efficient use of self-generated electricity from a PV unit.  Because its temperature fluctuation range spans from -20°C to 50°C, the device is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

VERBUND Eco-Packages for private customers
VERBUND is offering Eco-Packages especially designed for private homes: through the combination of a photovoltaic system plus battery storage and heat pump, even self-generated energy can be simple, efficient, and affordable to use. Customers benefit from convenient solutions and customised tariffs. The trade fairs in spring 2016 will feature fixed-price offers featuring up to 1,100 euros in savings, in addition to an attractive trade fair deal for photovoltaic systems. New to the programme are photovoltaic packages including Eco-Home hot water heat pumps. For each photovoltaic system that is bought through VERBUND, there will be a heightened feed-in tariff.

Smart energy efficiency for at home: VERBUND Eco-Home
The smart-home solution features innovative applications such as the measurement and visualisation of all relevant energy flows in the household, status updates and alarm messages on your mobile phone, as well as the ability to automatically regulate controls for consumers with self-generated solar electricity. The integration of an electricity measurement module visualises all electricity consumption and makes it possible to measure electricity feed-in in real time. Users with photovoltaic units can then turn on household appliances when enough own electricity is being produced. Energy costs go down, and comfort goes up.


VERBUND complete packages: easy, quick and budget-friendly

The innovative technology comes home with you as a complete package. VERBUND customers receive their own personal home of the future conveniently and safely from a single source.

As one of Europe's largest producers of electricity from hydropower, VERBUND is setting the tone for the generation of electricity from renewable sources. With the Eco-Packages for energy savers, VERBUND is taking further important steps for the energy future, connected with more independence, sustainability and security. VERBUND's pallet is rounded off with attractive offerings for electricity from 100% hydropower both for households as well as for environmentally friendly mobility, electromobility. "Electricity supply will soon be absolutely CO2-free and renewable, and with every individual PV unit, it becomes more decentralised. Whether it's household customers, industrial firms or commercial enterprises, the intelligent use of energy and resources is a must for everyone.  VERBUND has intelligent products and solutions for exactly that. We combine ecology, economy and design," emphasises Martin Wagner, Director of VERBUND Solutions GmbH.


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