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TBWA\ develops “climate cleaning” campaign for VERBUND

Climate protection – a much-cited concept becomes an Austria-wide movement in an activating campaign from the energy provider VERBUND:  'Anyone can do climate protection' is the thought that was translated by the agency TBWA\ into the phrase "climate cleaning" and thus immediately took on an element of participation. Climate cleaning brings climate protection home - and was launched at the end of February, so that with your spring cleaning you can also directly start "cleaning" on the topic of energy at home.

The centre of the campaign is an online platform on which Austrians' climate cleaning ideas are posted and collected: many smaller and larger private posts on climate protection, ranging from a selfie with your own brand-new photovoltaic system, to a photo of the new e-bike, all the way to a Smartphone video on cooking with vegetables from your own garden (regional! seasonal!), or even to the simple profession of having switched to clean electricity. Here, the many personal contributions yield content that in turn encourages others to protect the climate within their own four walls.

Media initiators are TV and online videos on banners and social media: the quick stories give inspiration as to how you can tackle "climate cleaning" yourself. For example, with Stermann's absurd idea of keeping your own chicken in your home office in order to have a fresh, extraordinarily regional egg for breakfast every morning. On screen in public spaces, we capitalise on the power and entertainment value of videos with the testimonials of Stermann & Grissemann, who bring the dry topic of climate protection into an easily digestible form.

"With the idea of 'climate cleaning' from VERBUND, we would like to incite Austrians themselves to actively participate in climate protection. Simply dispensing with your car once in a while, cooking with regional and seasonal products, switching to clean energy or becoming independent with self-generated solar energy: the possibilities are manifold, and VERBUND, as an innovative energy company, supports this intention with many products and innovations," related Winnie Matzenauer from VERBUND. On the marketing side, the Climate Cleaning Initiative is supported by a tariff offering that helps to cleanly shrink your own electricity or gas bill.
For Irene Sagmeister, Managing Director of the supervising agency TBWA\Wien, the participation factor is the most exciting element: "Everyone can do climate cleaning! In this comprehensive campaign, we are orchestrating all media that incite, produce and maintain personal contact. We entertain the users, encourage their involvement and create a community of like-minded people: of all the Austrians that contribute to climate protection."

The campaign has been running since 22.2.2016.


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