Aschach: Dredging activities in the Danube

30.01.2017Aschach, Engelhartszell
With its dredging activities in the reservoir area of the Aschach power plant on the Danube, VERBUND is compensating for natural redistribution within the reservoir in the area between Engelhartszell and the Schlögen loop.

The redistribution of gravel in the last years now requires action. For this reason, the beginning of February we will start dredging activities in the area of the Schlögen loop. In the course of these measures, around 700,000 m³ will be moved during the next years, including 259,000 m³ of gravel in the first phase.

The measures were newly planned and approved during the course of surveying the reservoir after the Danube flooding in 2013. The redistribution of gravel in the area of the Schlögen loop will ensure the original Danube water level status in the event of flooding.

New Danube bank

In the sensitive European conservation area "Upper Danube and Aschach Valley", VERBUND is using the excavated gravel to improve existing bank structures and create new ones. The effects were evaluated in a comprehensive approval procedure and were authorised in January by the competent authority of the province of Upper Austria.

Aschach power plant on the Danube


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