What smart daddies really want for father's day. VERBUND-Eco-Home.


The clever gift idea for Father's Day.

Those fathers of ours are unique, heroic and irreplaceable, and that's how Father's Day gifts should be too. So neckties, beer mugs and many other traditional gift ideas have already served their time. It's time for gifts that modern fathers would really be pleased with. They bring smart convenience and security to everyday life, and at the same time make our fathers heroes for the energy future. Father's Day is on June 11, and many people are wondering what they could really surprise Papa with this year.

While many devices in our everyday dealings are continuously getting more intelligent, such as telephones, cars, and even home and garden appliances, in general houses or flats are not yet keeping up with this trend. But surveys clearly show that more than 50 percent of Austrians are very interested in the topic of energy and all related aspects of it, particularly within their own homes. So the Smart Home Solution from VERBUND Eco-Home is an ideal gift idea, because it makes one's own home clever and secure and gives modern fathers the right tool for switching and controlling and handling at will from their smartphone or tablet.

The gift with a convenience factor
Get up in the morning and enter a lighted living area. An advantage which brings light and warmth to the early morning "grey", especially during the cold part of the year. A few clicks ensure that the light automatically turns on at wake-up time in the fall and winter, or turns off as one leaves. Of course this would also be possible with a simple timer. The really smart thing about Eco-Home is that the actuators and the sensors can be linked to one another, so that intelligent automatisation is realised in just a few simple steps. For example, when leaving in the morning, the light switches itself off automatically because the contact in the entrance door registered that it has been opened. Lamps can be programmed in such a way that they turn on automatically at twilight, thanks to a multiple sensor which constantly measures the brightness in the room. This is especially handy in the spring, when the days are quickly growing longer again. The WiFi home network and consumer electronic devices can also automatically be switched off, namely at night or when no one is at home, when they would have consumed electricity unnecessarily.

The surprise with a security effect
Eco-Home also provides a security gain. Door and window contacts and motion sensors register immediately if unwanted guests try to gain access. Alarm notifications per text message or email inform you if something unexpected is happening at home. Sensors also send an alarm in the event of smoke development or water penetration.

The only thing Eco-Home can't handle yet is filling or emptying the washer or dishwasher, or filling the electric kettle so that the family is greeted with boiling water for their morning tea when they get up. But who knows, maybe these everyday "banalities" will soon be just as fully automatically controllable as the rest of the home ...

More convenience, lower energy consumption and sustainable living in the ecosystem - with this, modern fathers not only score high with their families, but also with the environment.  

Gerlinde Gänsdorfer VERBUND Press Office

Corporate Communication

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