Frosty diving operations in Ybbs-Persenbeug


Even during cold temperatures and blowing snow, VERBUND divers prepare for inspection of the turbines at this power plant on the Danube.

In Ybbs, the new year is starting with diving operations. Despite the bitter cold, VERBUND's industrial divers climb into the Danube at the Ybbs-Persenbeug power plant to prepare for inspection work on the turbine. The divers clean the ground in front of the intake screen. Then, with the help of the gantry crane, VERBUND employees pile extremely heavy bulkheads in front of the screens. With these, the turbine is sealed off, and it can be pumped out in the following days.

Turbine inspections for hydropower plants usually take place during the winter. The lower flow at this time of year makes it possible to avoid production losses. The other machines are able to handle the water of the Danube.

Main objective: Inspecting the guide vanes

Machine No. 5, which is currently disconnected, was switched out in 2016 as part of the Ybbs2020 project. The guide vanes are now being inspected after the first year of full operations. On this occasion the electrical parts of the new machine are being inspected as well. The tasks are expected to be completed by Easter.