Renovation of Töging-Jettenbach power plant: An important milestone in strengthening Bavarian hydropower

19.09.2018Töging am Inn

The Bavarian VERBUND Inn power plants’ plan to renovate the Töging-Jettenbach power plant was first introduced in 2015. The goal of the EUR 250 million project is to increase output by around 25% and generate electricity for approximately 200,000 households. Now the necessary conditions have been created to start implementing selected measures for the project earlier than planned, beginning already in September or no later than October 2018.

The Töging-Jettenbach renovation project was submitted for approval to the Mühldorf district administration as the competent authority. The approval procedure is not yet completed. But the authorities have determined that no aspects have come to light in the procedure which would prevent a positive decision on the proposal. This was formulated as an official decision, creating the opportunity to begin selected measures sooner. The necessary bodies of VERBUND Innkraftwerke have given their approval to making use of this opportunity. Project Manager Bernhard Gerauer: "We would like to start with preliminary work now already in September, or in October at the latest. In addition to the construction site setup this also includes land clearing and adaptation of dam areas. The opportunity to start measures earlier makes it a lot easier for us, because when the final assessment is completed - hopefully in the first half of 2019 - we can then concentrate all our energy on implementing the project."

Töging-Jettenbach power plant renovation project

The power plant’s current output of 85 MW will be increased by about 25%. The future annual electricity production of approximately 700 million kilowatt hours corresponds to the average electricity usage of about 200,000 Bavarian households. To achieve this, it is planned to raise the capacity level at the Jettenbach dam by 70 cm. Electricity generation in Töging will in the future take place with 3 Kaplan turbines. The machine units will be installed in an unobtrusive new building near the historically valuable existing buildings. The project costs are projected to be about EUR 250 million. The new building, which will house 3 Kaplan turbines, will blend in unobtrusively with the existing historic structures and be integrated in the surroundings.

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