VERBUND: Package of measures for Austria’s power supply


VERBUND is Austria’s largest producer of electricity. 131 hydropower plants and two thermal plants form the backbone of the domestic electricity supply. “Our employees are aware of the responsibility they bear. Electricity remains the most important pillar of our modern life and must be safeguarded accordingly. That is our primary task in the current situation,” says Chairman of the Executive Board, Wolfgang Anzengruber.

We have guaranteed this security on multiple levels. In strategic terms, VERBUND has always dealt with “resilience”, i.e. the ability to withstand external shocks. These include not only elemental events such as floods but also other crises.

The tactical measures will be adjusted as required. This includes the mobilisation of in-house resources as well as coordinating with the authorities. 

“Our thanks go out to our employees, who are putting a huge amount of effort into secure the generation of electricity,” says Wolfgang Anzengruber.

Measures to secure electricity generation and business operations

  • Employee health: Our employees were informed about the risks of COVID-19 transmission early on. VERBUND has therefore been largely able to work from home since last Friday. An alarm system has been set up to handle suspected cases and is intended to minimise any spread of infection within the company.


  • Power plant operations: Specialist staff will be separated in accordance with regularly practised scenarios, teams will be split. To avoid unnecessary contact, autonomous “work islands” have been created at the power plants. We are helped in this by the fact that we have decades of experience in the centralised remote control of the power plants.


  • Standby personnel: Specialists are available on standby around the clock to manage faults. This system has proven to be reliable for years.
    Power trading: Remote teams ensure that our customer platforms and electricity supplies run without disruption. The implementation of our measures has no effect on our strict data and IT security standards.


  • Customers: The supply of energy by VERBUND is, of course, also secured in the current situation. For this reason, VERBUND will not terminate supplies to any customers on the basis of outstanding payments during this challenging time until further notice. Customers will only be reminded about their outstanding payments, their energy supply will be ensured by VERBUND until further notice.  
    VERBUND customer services will continue to be available via the VERBUND website, the hotline 0800 210 210 and by email at However, you may need to wait slightly longer for your call to be answered. In such cases, we kindly ask customers to contact us via the website or by email. The VERBUND shop at group headquarters in Vienna will remain closed until further notice.


  • Maintenance and construction projects: Priorities for ongoing works are set by operational staff in the power plant groups. Priority will be given to all maintenance tasks that involve the security of the plants during flooding, e.g. weir systems. Naturally, the focus is on securing supply. Less urgent work will be postponed in order to build up reserves.


Portrait Florian Seidl Florian Seidl

Spokesperson Region East

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