VERBUND: Reliable electricity supply in Austria


The VERBUND power plant portfolio is diverse. The different sources of power play to their strengths in this configuration. Precautionary measures relating to operation create safety for the health of workers and thus for the longer-term stability of electricity generation. “We have now developed routine operations that mean we can continue to take action even in the event of longer-term disruption,” says Chairman of the Executive Board Wolfgang Anzengruber.

In the current situation, VERBUND is concentrating on the safe operation of its power plants and reliable electricity generation. Various technical and organisational measures are involved in this. The operation of the 131 hydropower plants of VERBUND is prepared for all eventualities thanks to modern control equipment and highly qualified employees. 
VERBUND is also superbly equipped for any disruptions. For example, mobile standby services are available around the clock in the federal provinces for the individual power plant groups. Thanks to the comprehensive training of the standby services (dual-vocational training and additional qualifications) as well as the ongoing training, the power plant workers are at all times able to assess disruptions on site themselves, to eliminate them, or to place the plant in a safe condition. 
What matters is to use the arrangements made to ensure the power plant organisation for operation under conditions of increased isolation that may last for months.

Fuel supply ensured: Austria’s most powerful power plant remains fully available

The two thermal power plants in Mellach, Styria, can be used whatever the weather, and the fuel supply is ensured even when faced with restrictions on Europe’s internal transport routes.

The Mellach district heating power plant generates district heating for the Styrian capital Graz. The stock of coal on the power plant site ensures sufficient production of district heating despite the current cold spell. The district heating power plant can also be fired with natural gas to support the national electricity grid.

The neighbouring Mellach gas power plant was used in the previous week to support the national electricity grid. The gas power plant can continue to be called upon in this function around the clock. With an electrical capacity of 838 megawatts, the Mellach gas power plant is the most powerful power plant in Austria, with the fuel being supplied through the underground network of gas pipelines. 

VERBUND customer services will continue to be available via the VERBUND website, the hotline 0800 210 210 and by email at However, you may need to wait slightly longer for your call to be answered. In such cases, we kindly ask customers to contact us via the website or by email. The VERBUND shop at group headquarters in Vienna will remain closed until further notice.


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