VERBUND Hydro Consulting: long-term consultancy contract for a pumped storage power plant in Israel


Under the label VERBUND Hydro Consulting, Austria's largest power company also offers its sustainable consultancy services in the area of hydropower to third-party customers. The most recent contract includes supporting the detail planning and installation and providing assistance with operating a pumped storage power plant slated for construction in Israel.

The financial closing on 11 February 2021 was the official starting shot for the 156 megawatt pumped storage power plant at Manara Cliff in northern Israel. With an investment volume of 390 million euros, the Israeli company Ellomay Pumped Storage Ltd is delivering a vital component for the country's renewable energy future. Construction will start in the first half of 2021; the highly flexible pumped storage power plant is scheduled to commence operations from 2026 and will contribute to the security of supply in Israel.

With immediate effect, an experienced consortium comprising VERBUND, Voith Hydro and the national Israeli water board Merkorot is responsible for the design and execution of this power plant's efficient operational management. The consortium was selected as best bidder in an international tender exercise, with VERBUND's extensive experience of hydropower, in particular in the construction and operation of large pumped storage power plants, clinching the deal.
VERBUND's many years of consulting includes supporting the developer with installation and initial operation as well as setting up and training the operating team and creating maintenance and servicing procedures. In order to successfully put the pumped storage power plant into normal operation, VERBUND will provide the operations manager for the first few years of operation.

Pumped storage power plant Manara Cliff 

The pumped storage power plant at Manara Cliff is being built in the north of Israel, near the town of Kiryat-Shimona, and is part of the nationwide energy storage and flexibility system, which is being implemented to supplement the massive expansion of wind power and photovoltaics for a renewable energy future in Israel. 
In the subterranean cavern power plant, water is pumped up to a higher reservoir at times of excess wind and PV generation by a 156 MW pump turbine and used to generate electricity when it's needed. The plant is therefore used to stabilise the system of the national energy company, Israel Electric Corporation Ltd.

VERBUND Hydro Consulting

Under the label VERBUND Hydro Consulting, Austria's largest electricity company offers its decades of experience in the construction, maintenance and operation of hydropower plants of every size, including for third-party customers in Austria and abroad. 
Alongside a large number of consultancy contracts in Austria, others have also been successfully concluded or are currently being processed in several countries in Africa and South-East Asia. This not only underscores the globally recognised competence of VERBUND in the construction and operation of hydropower plants, but also makes a contribution to the further development of know-how in the core business of VERBUND in Austria and Germany. 

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