The town of Pöchlarn is setting a green milestone in Lower Austria with an ultra-fast e-charging centre


Just one year after the ground-breaking ceremony, the Pöchlarn District Heating Cooperative is sending out powerful signals for sustainable mobility and grid security with the new E-Mobility Centre in Pöchlarn. Four high-power charging points for electric cars in combination with a battery store, a PV system and a lounge for comfortable energy breaks make the location in the town of Pöchlarn the most innovative e-mobility charging park in Lower Austria.

Ultra-fast charging requires ultra-smart solutions

Charging electric vehicles takes increasingly less time. The new ultra-fast charging stations supply up to 350 kW of power. Power for a range of up to 100 km can be charged in just five minutes. What delights car drivers comes with huge challenges for the power grid. With increasing charge power for the newest generation of electric vehicles, grid connection outputs of up to 1 MW will be needed for e-mobility charging hubs. That is why a 500 kW battery store is being installed at the e-mobility location in Pöchlarn. When electric cars are charged with up to 350 kW, some of the necessary energy and power comes directly from the battery store. This ensures that not too much strain is placed on the electricity grid.

"We are making the infrastructure in the Pöchlarn area fit for the future with the high-power charging point. The implementation of this pioneering project for our municipality and region was only possible with strong partners," says Alfred Bergner, chairman of Fernwärme Versorgung Pöchlarn Genossenschaft mbH. "SMATRICS has installed and operates the high-power charging points. VERBUND supported and accompanied us with the topic of energy, from battery store via the intelligent energy management system to marketing on the balancing energy market. I would like to warmly thank everyone involved for this today.”

"The town of Pöchlarn shows how the energy transition is succeeding with the new E-Mobility Centre. The location on the Danube and A1 motorway is an important milestone on the way to the zero-emission future of mobility and is setting new standards in Lower Austria," emphasises Stephan Pernkopf, deputy governor of Lower Austria.

Martin Wagner, managing director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH: "Electromobility is the key to the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport sector. That is why VERBUND opted for electromobility early on and advanced the development of Austria's high-power charging infrastructure. With our expertise in the field of battery storage, we offer customers a meaningful addition and access to the subject of flexibility. This needs partners with visions, which we have found here in FWG. We nurture integrated access to the mobility ecosystem and bring the energy and mobility sectors together. As a location, Pöchlarn is a wonderful example of how we are optimally satisfying customer requirements for the long term with our know-how and helping shape the energy transition."

Exploiting synergies, connecting sectors

The SYNERG-E project takes up the challenges for the installation and operation of high-power charging infrastructure for electromobility and develops new solutions. The local management of battery and charging point, as well as the virtual connection of the batteries, is implemented in SYNERG-E in order to be able to provide services that support the grid. SYNERG-E addresses the sector coupling of energy and transport, and is therefore funded by the synergy call of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) of the European Commission. The project is being realised under the direction of VERBUND with the partners Allego and SMATRICS EnBW. In the last three years, VERBUND has installed and put into operation 10 local battery stores at ultra-fast charging locations of SMATRICS EnBW in Austria and Germany.
Gerlinde Gänsdorfer VERBUND Press Office

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