Greifenstein: Large turbine undergoing maintenance

10.02.2022Greifenstein, Stockerau

The large power plants on the Danube have to operate reliably around the clock. VERBUND therefore uses the dry winter period to carry out maintenance on the mighty machines.

The Danube is the strongest source of the Austrian power supply. The nine Danube power plants deliver almost a fifth of Austria’s total electricity generation. Permanent care and maintenance ensure availability.

The Greifenstein power plant generates 1.7 bn kilowatt hours of electricity annually with its nine turbines. The generated quantity of electricity is sufficient to cover the annual consumption of 480,000 households. The necessary inspection and maintenance tasks take place in winter, when the Danube carries less water due to the weather. 

The drained plant reveals a view of the mighty dimensions of a Danube power plant, which usually lie under water.

“Pickerl” (sticker) for machine no. 8

This winter, it’s the turn of machine no. 8. Everything that turns is inspected: from the blades of the 6.5 metre impellers to the bearings of the control equipment. Damage to the turbine blades is rewelded, while the corrosion protection is inspected and renewed where necessary.

The work takes place to a tight schedule, despite the Covid-19 safety measures. The measures should be completed and the turbines reconnected to the grid again by the end of March because the turbine inspection is scheduled to be followed by the maintenance of a weir field.

Visit to turbine no. 8 in Greifenstein

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