Areas for the energy transition: Lenzing uses solar energy from VERBUND PV facilities


In future, Lenzing will use solar electricity for the manufacture of wood-based special fibres for textiles and non-wovens.

The company Lenzing AG, located in the Upper Austrian market town of Lenzing, produces its own solar power from VERBUND photovoltaic systems mounted on its own production shops. In an initial construction phase, two PV plants with a total of 654 kWp generate around 700,000 kWh, allowing Lenzing to save over 500 tonnes of CO2 per year. A much larger expansion of the areas under PV is planned during summer 2022 on further roofs and the landfill site. By generating solar power, Lenzing not only makes a considerable contribution to the Upper Austrian photovoltaic strategy for 2030, but also adopts an important pioneering role. VERBUND, Austria’s leading energy company, builds and operates the plants.   

“The installation of photovoltaic systems at our company sites reflects our ambitious climate targets and our sustainability strategy, and moreover marks an important milestone in the achievement of the Upper Austrian photovoltaic strategy for 2030. With the goal of becoming a net zero company by 2050 at the latest, the decision to produce our own solar power and implement the PV operator model with VERBUND as partner was obvious. We use both our roofs and fallow land in order to optimise our climate balance with the solar power we generate in house and at the same time cut costs. That creates planning certainty. A factor that is of decisive importance given the current developments on the energy market,” says Christian Skilich, Chief Pulp Officer of Lenzing Group. 

Experience, innovation and sustainability

Lenzing see itself as a champion of the circular economy and does everything to make the systems and processes as sustainable as possible. The sustainable approach to dealing with the environment is evident in the manufacturing of fibres for ecologically responsible textiles and non-wovens. With the corporate strategy in mind, the focus is on growth with sustainable innovations. 

The strategic partnership with VERBUND is thus in harmony with the sustainability targets of Lenzing. Apart from environmentally friendly energy generation and CO2 reduction, VERBUND guarantees lower electricity costs with the PV operator model than for a grid supply. The photovoltaic systems have been adapted to the electricity consumption profile of the company and ensure that almost 100% of the generated electricity flows directly into production. This means that production and sustainability are no longer a contradiction and Lenzing also benefits from many more years of clean electricity at zero cost after the contract expires.

Reaching climate targets together

The implementation of the first and future solar sites for the energy transition is strengthening the strategic partnership between Lenzing and VERBUND. Because with the plants, the two sustainable companies are helping to achieve Austria’s ambitious climate targets. In order to be able to cover Austria’s electricity requirements from 100 percent renewable sources by 2030, it is important that many more companies follow Lenzing’s example of opting for solar energy and transform their own roofs and sites into solar power plants.

“The rapid expansion of renewable energies plays a key role both in reaching the climate targets and in managing the price developments on the energy market. The more companies switch to photovoltaics, the faster they will become more independent of the electricity price dynamics and active shapers of the energy transition. We are the ideal energy partner for this because we offer everything under one roof, from the delivery of green electricity and CO2 certificates to business solutions for photovoltaics, battery stores and charging infrastructure for electromobility. We accompany and support our customers on the way to the energy future and thus drive the energy transition forwards together,” says Martin Wagner, managing director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH.

Gerlinde Gänsdorfer VERBUND Press Office

Corporate Communication

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