VERBUND-Power-Flex for battery storage and industry


With the continuous expansion of wind and solar power plants, securing the power supply is one of the big challenges on the way to the energy transition. VERBUND-Power-Flex is the smart solution for the profitable use of energy. The power grid and increasing numbers of companies are benefiting from this.

The implementation of the climate targets and the consistent expansion of renewable energies will continuously throw up new requirements for the market design and how the energy markets are organised. VERBUND is always up to date in this regard and makes the resulting potential accessible to its industrial customers, public utility companies and plant operators. VERBUND-Power-Flex offers customised marketing solutions for power flexibilities from a wide range of different plant technologies.  

Innovative management concepts

Flexibility marketing is processed fully automatically via the virtual energy system of VERBUND. VOLERY, the digital optimisation platform of VERBUND, enables combined marketing via spot, intraday and standard reserve market, and therefore also secures the most attractive added value for consumption and generation flexibilities as well as energy stores. This involves using intelligent autotrading algorithms that also take into consideration individual boundary conditions of plant operation such as, for example, heat supply obligations, storage limits and efficiency levels.

Storing, integrating, marketing

The integration of battery storage systems plays a central role in the conversion of the energy system through their high degree of flexibility. Apart from their classic application in the marketing of primary and secondary regulation or peak load smoothing for distribution grids, the generation value of photovoltaic and wind power plants can be increased by combining plants with battery stores, or increasing the supply of industrial consumers with their own PV electricity through optimised intermediate storage. In addition, the marketing of flexibilities on the intraday market is gaining in importance. 
In contrast to the standard reserve market, where an existing imbalance is offset via grid regulation, flexible demand can be adapted to the volatile feed on the intraday market through corresponding price signals. In this way, VERBUND gives innovative plant operators, industrial operators and public utility companies the chance to trade their flexibilities on the intraday market and thus to optimise their energy costs. 
“As a service for our customers, it is important for us to use all flexibility markets as well as possible. To this end, we constantly analyse the markets and processes. We provide a wide range of ways to access the market and identify the most lucrative marketing strategy for each company. All players benefit from VERBUND know-how in the energy sector,” says Martin Wagner, managing director of VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH.

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