Knowing where the fire is at: preventive fire safety at the Danube power plant Jochenstein

13.07.2022Jochenstein / Untergriesbach

Voluntary fire bridges of Gottsdorf and Obernzell on a fire safety inspection in the VERBUND power plant

VERBUND – Bavaria and Austria's biggest hydropower electricity generator – performs regular fire safety inspections at Danube power plant Jochenstein. As also happened on the evening of 15 June 2022: VERBUND fire safety officer for Jochenstein, Manfred Rossgatterer, made a tour of the Danube power plant with the fire brigades of Gottsdorf and Obernzell. They mainly talked through the fire safety plans and viewed the buildings and building sections, plants and facilities belonging to the operation. The platform for transporting the fire brigade vehicle was also tested.

"Only those who know what has to be done in an emergency can actually do this properly," informed fire safety officer Manfred Rossgatterer from VERBUND, responsible for the Danube power plant Jochenstein. "For this reason, companies have annual training requirements, company fire safety organisations under the direction of the fire safety officer and fire brigade. That's why we organised the inspection visit with the Gottsdorf and Obernzel fire brigades this June. The visit to the company premises took place in two groups and focused on the north premises and the power house with the five machine sets, followed by a professional exchange.

Nineteen colleagues of the Gottsdorf fire brigade with commander Andreas Pils and 19 colleagues of the Obernzell fire brigade with commander Bernd Falkner as well as district fire officer Klaus Schurm took part in the inspection. They checked the safety and accessibility of the evacuation routes, the functionality of the fire safety barriers and the fire-fighting facilities, such as the fire extinguishers, as well as the functionality and accessibility of the alarm systems and emergency shut-off devices used for fire safety purposes.

Flying fire brigade

Due to the structural design of the power plant complex, certain parts of the building cannot be accessed by fire brigade vehicles. To cope with this, the Danube power plant Jochenstein has a transport platform, which was also tested on the day. The 75-tonne crane was used to practise moving the fire engine of the Gottsdorf fire brigade onto the transport platform.

The role of hydropower in a sustainable energy system

Electricity from hydropower has many functions in the energy system The VERBUND run-of-river power plants in Bavaria and on the border between Bavaria and Austria are in operation 24 hours a day and supply electricity to the grids for around 1.8 million households. Hydropower is CO2-neutral, protects resources, reduces dependency on imported fossil fuels and thus makes a key contribution to the energy transition.

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