This butterfly has a clear mission


Austrian premiere: solar-powered Swiss pioneering project “SolarButterfly”

It is a world first and trend-setting pilot project: the latest piece of work by the Swiss solar energy pioneer Louis Palmer. The completely autonomous, solar-powered Tiny House is touring Austria in September. In cooperation with VERBUND, SolarButterfly will visit three energy-charged domestic hotspots.  

“I want to show that even large vehicles can be powered with solar energy,” says Louis Palmer. In May 2022, the climate pioneer started his circumnavigation of the globe, which will last four years in all. “Four to six people will live in the SolarButterfly on an area of 30m² during this time,” says Palmer enthusiastically. The goal of the circumnavigation is to highlight the fight against climate change and draw attention to sustainable solutions that already exist. “CO2 emissions are still far too high, even though we already have the solutions in some cases. Everything is just happening far too slowly,” says the solar pioneer.
The Austrian premiere and starting shot took place in Vienna on Monday, 12 September, at Am Hof, in front of the VERBUND head office. The leading energy company and one of the biggest generators of electricity from hydropower in Europe is supporting the pioneering project and organising three side events at different locations during the tour of Austria. “We support trendsetting projects like SolarButterfly out of conviction. As one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly energy companies, we have a very particular focus on climate and environmental protection and resource conservation. We assume social and environmental responsibility. Sustainability is an important component of our corporate strategy. As the power behind the transition, we are making a significant contribution to a clean and safe energy future with our investments in renewable sources of energy,” says Achim Kaspar, COO VERBUND AG.
The Tiny House is a caravan made from Ocean PET, i.e. recycled PET bottles recovered from the sea. The wings of the butterfly are fitted with solar panels. These fold out to create 80 m² of solar surface, which feeds both the Tiny House and the fully electric towing vehicle with pure solar energy. Everything functions without producing any CO2. The vehicle co-developed with Lucerne University shows how a family can travel, live and work today without CO2 emissions. The SolarButterfly world tour is intended to motivate millions of people to make the change – away from fossil to renewable energy. 
Stops on the tour of Austria:
12.9.2022: Kick-off event at Am Hof in Vienna (in front of VERBUND head office), 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
13.9.2022: VERBUND power plant Ybbs-Persenbeug, Donaudorfstraße 2, 3370 Ybbs/Donau, 
       2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
17.9.2022: E-mobility high-power charging point in Innsbruck, BILLA PLUS car park,  
       Mitterweg 21, 6020 Innsbruck, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

SolarButterfly – this butterfly has a clear mission

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