Loyalty offer for existing VERBUND electricity customers


Attractive fixed electricity price is guaranteed for 12 months without contractual commitment. 1 month's free energy can also be snapped up by early birds before 31 July. The new electricity supply agreement is easy to sign up to online or in writing.

Recent months have been characterised by heavy turbulence on the international markets, which led to uncertainty among consumers and rising energy costs.


Loyalty offer with 12-month price guarantee and no contractual obligation

VERBUND thanks its existing customers, who continued purchasing electricity from VERBUND even in challenging times, with a new, attractive loyalty offer for an electricity price of 23.64 gross (19.70 net) cent per kilowatt hour. The base price will be held stable at the current level. Thanks to the 12-month price guarantee from the start of contract, customers do not have to worry about further price rises. At the same time, customers that take up this offer retain flexibility because they can terminate the contract at any time. Those who sign up quickly for the new contract – by 31.7.2023 – will additionally benefit from 1 month of free electricity*.


This is how easy it is to take up the VERBUND loyalty offer

In order to utilise this loyalty offer, it is necessary to take out a new electricity supply agreement with VERBUND. A personal letter containing all key information will be sent to existing VERBUND customers in the coming weeks. The loyalty offer only requires active acceptance by customers who can do so quickly and easily either online or by using the postage-paid reply envelope. Customers that currently have an ongoing contractual relationship can convert to the loyalty offer upon expiry of their contract. For existing customers who do not take up this offer, the existing electricity supply agreement will continue to run under the existing terms and conditions. You can find full information on the loyalty offer for existing VERBUND electricity customers at: www.verbund.at/treueangebot


Price cut for new electricity customers

VERBUND also has an attractive offer for new customers with an electricity price of 24.84 gross (20.70 net) cent per kilowatt hour with a base price of €4.79 gross per month.


Our support measures for customers particularly badly affected by the rising cost of living remain in place:

10 million euros in the VERBUND hardship fund

VERBUND has created a hardship fund in the amount of 10 million euros. The VERBUND hardship fund offers effective support through a lowering of energy bills. All requirements for this and further information on applying for assistance can be found at www.verbund.at/verbundhilft.


Further support options

The VERBUND Electricity Relief Fund in collaboration with Caritas has been helping people affected by energy poverty in Austria since 2009. 16,000 affected people – regardless of their energy provider – have so far received support in the form of grants for energy bills, for appliance replacement campaigns and for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances. For 2023, VERBUND has boosted this support payment to Caritas to 5 million euros. More information from the 71 social counselling centres of Caritas and at The VERBUND Electricity Relief Fund in collaboration with Caritas solves energy problems.


Medium-term solution: renewables expansion

As Austria's largest sustainable electricity generator, VERBUND relies massively on the expansion of renewable energy, in order to reach the climate targets and make Austria more independent from fossil imports. A larger offering of renewables will have a dampening effect on prices. To this end, the company will invest around 15 billion euros in the coming 10 years. With these investments, generation will be increased by up to 8 TWh through expansion and efficiency increases, and thus supply an additional 2.3 million households.


Full information on the loyalty offer: www.verbund.at/treueangebot

or at VERBUND Customer Service


+43 (0)50 313 51788

Mon–Fri 7 am – 6 pm


*  Bonus on VERBUND electricity loyalty 07/23 in 1st year of contract. The bonus corresponds to an 8.33% discount on the energy price (working and base price) for consumption in the first 12 months of supply (excl. grid costs, taxes and charges). The discount is applied as a credit to the annual bill. Valid until revoked. Pro rata billing for early termination of contract or product change.

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