Ecological added value for Mannswörth


VERBUND project for improved habit and biodiversity below the Wien-Freudenau power plant starts in January

To improve the ecological conditions, Mannswörth Island downstream of the Danube power plant Freudenau is being restored to its original state. The side arm between the bank and the gravel island is being made much deeper, so that water continues to flow through it even in dry periods. This creates a habitat protected against the wave wash of shipping on the Danube. As similar projects on the Danube show, this protective zone serves as a place of refuge for numerous species of fish that spawn in gravel. The installation of natural elements such as deliberately positioned tree trunks offers diverse habitat for fish, birds and others forms of aquatic life.

Protected zone for gravel breeders

Deepening the side arm is creating a gravel island that benefits gravel-breeding birds. Especially in the spring through to the early summer, gravel breeders such as the river sandpiper lay their eggs directly in the gravel without a nest. For this, they need protection and peace, which is provided by the new “island location”. The gravel removed from the side arm is returned to the Danube in the immediate vicinity and thus contributes to stabilising the river bed in the area around the Danube power plant Freudenau.

This project was already included as part of viadonau’s overall Danube river engineering project to the east of Vienna in the local package of measures. However, as this project was never realised, structural implementation has never been carried out. 

400 million euros for land restoration, species protection and fish migration

By 2027, VERBUND will have invested 400 million euros in its power plant regions for land restoration measures, fish passes and habitat improvement. Approx. 200 million euros of this budget have already been spent. 75% of all VERBUND run-of-river power plants for which consistency is official prescribed already have fish passes and are thus barrier-free. The success of these measures can be seen in how around 30% of the plant areas were placed under nature conservation over time following construction of the power plants.

At Mannswörth gravel island

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