Brandkuppe wind power

By the year 2030, the demand for electricity in Austria should be covered entirely by renewable sources of energy. In Styria, hydropower, wind and photovoltaics currently generate about half of the province's total electricity demand. VERBUND is planning the construction of eight wind turbines on the Brandkuppe in the Styrian municipality of Gaal.

As the largest electricity generator in Styria, VERBUND is committed to the expansion of renewable energies. In the area of wind power, we are currently developing the Brandkuppe project in Styria.

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Martin Hölzli

Project leader

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Visualization of wind turbines on the Brandkuppe in Styria.

The project location

The wind turbines are planned to be built on the Brandkuppe, in the Styrian municipality of Gaal. Wind measurements have been being taken in the project area since 2022. The location has a steady wind as well as high wind speeds.

The visualisations* illustrate a possible implementation of the planned wind turbines in the Brandkuppe project area.

* © VERBUND | Planning status March 2023

Visualization of wind turbines on the Brandkuppe in Styria.

 The schedule

2021–2023  Location selection and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)  
2023–2026 Planning and approval phase  with Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
2026–2028 Construction phase*
from 2029 Operational phase

*The construction phase is scheduled to take 2 to 3 years, but the effective "construction time" will be restricted to the summer months. The construction times of such a project are strictly regulated in the EIA procedure. Compliance with these times is also to be precisely documented to protect against the impact on people and the environment.

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Image from the Location

Your questions & our answers

The taller a wind turbine, the more evenly the wind blows and the more electricity that can be generated. Determining the optimal height of a wind turbine is therefore very important. The exact size of the planned wind turbines on the Brandkuppe can only be determined once the wind measurements and the comprehensive site analysis have been completed. Currently, the plan is for a mast height of almost 150 metres and a total height of 230 metres. The rotor diameter is about 160 metres.

Austria has strict requirements regarding the minimum distance from residential areas. There must be no residential buildings within a radius of 1000 metres from the planned wind turbines.

Thanks to technological developments, modern wind turbines are acoustically imperceptible from a distance of just a few hundred metres.
Infrasound is a natural component of sound. It refers to sound waves of such low frequency (deep tones) that they cannot be heard by the human ear. So people cannot hear infrasound, but at the very most they might feel it. However, the infrasound generated by wind turbines is almost impossible to measure just a few metres away and therefore totally harmless.
The extent to which wind turbines cast a shadow depends on several factors and is strictly regulated: the Federal Immission Control Protection Act stipulates that the formation of shadow must not amount to more than 30 hours per year.
Flashing beacons are important for the safety of flying objects. To avoid optical irritation, beacons are to be used as discreetly as possible. The light strength can also automatically adapt to the prevailing visibility conditions. That means the brightness of the lights reduces by 90% in good visibility. It is also technically possible to activate the beacons only when aircraft approach. This is already common practice in Germany and the aim is to use it in Austria as well.
Nowadays, wind turbines do not cause any light reflection because they are coated with a non-reflective paint.
An area of around one hectare is needed to construct a modern wind turbine. However, only a portion of this area remains cleared for the duration of operation. More than half of the site is planted again once the turbine has been put into operation. The area built on is offset with reforestation and other measures.
Yes. Complete dismantling is part of the approval procedure.
Visualization of wind turbines on the Brandkuppe in Styria.

Electricity from the region

VERBUND is already in constructive dialogue with the local population and municipality in this early phase of the project. The goal is the joint elaboration of a long-term energy partnership.
Visualization of wind turbines on the Brandkuppe in Styria.

Wind of Change

Electricity from wind power will in future make an important contribution to the security of supply in Styria during the cold half of the year. The Brandkuppe wind power project is another step towards a renewable energy future.

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