LOAN NGUYEN. Principle Sensitivity

The VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna, presented photographs by Loan Nguyen from the VERBUND COLLECTION from 13 October 2010 to 30 May 2011.

The VERBUND COLLECTION dedicates the first solo exhibition in Austria to the artist Loan Nguyen. In line with the collection’s maxim “Depth not breadth”, 21 works can be seen during the Month of Photography in the Vertical Gallery of the VERBUND head office under the title Loan Nguyen - Principle Sensitivity.
Vertical Gallery of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna
Am Hof 6a
1010 Vienna
+43 (0)50 313-500 44
Duration of the exhibition:
13 October 2010 - 30 March 2011

Curated by Gabriele Schor, founding director of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna 

Team of the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna
Ema Rajković – curatorial assistant
Barbara Wünsch – curatorial assistant

Vertical Gallery Vienna 
Am Hof 6a
1010 Vienna
+43 (0)50 313-500 44


Female artist

Loan Nguyen

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Current exhibition

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