VERBUND teaching materials: Experiments & worksheets relating to physics, energy, electricity

Motivated children are better learners: The learning materials accompany pupils on a discovery tour into the world of physics. Experiments, worksheets, games, power plant trips and much more let you experience up close the principles and phenomena related to "electricity", "electrical current" and "renewable energy sources".

Unterrichtsmaterial der VERBUND-Stromschule: Experimente & Arbeitsblätter

Physik Experimente & Arbeitsblätter rund um "Erneuerbare Energie", "Strom" und "Elektrizität": Mit dem Unterrichtsmaterial der VERBUND-Stromschule gestalten Sie für Schulklassen ab der 5. Schulstufe ein Projekt zum Themengebiet "Strom". Das Unterrichtsmaterial ist so konzipiert, dass Schüler/innen in zwei bis drei Unterrichtstagen (je 4 Stunden) mit Experimenten & Arbeitsblättern weitgehend selbstständig dem Phänomen "Elektrizität" auf der Spur sein können. Lizzy, unsere neugierige Stromforscherin, begleitet die Schüler durch Experimente & Arbeitsblätter und steht ihnen auf dem Weg durch die physikalischen Grundlagen mit Tipps und Tricks zur Seite.

Topics of the teaching materials, experiments & worksheets:

With the experiments 1 to 7, the pupils learn the essence of magnetism and reinforce their observations with the help of worksheet 1.

With the experiment "The magic ruler" the pupils learn how electrical charges occur. Following this, in groups they build an electroscope, with which they can detect the charges of objects.

After the pupils have explored electrical charges, they occupy themselves with the difference in charge between two poles, the electric potential. They learn that in a battery, chemical energy is transformed into electric energy, and they make a "lemon battery".

Experiments with simple electrical circuits show the pupils that various materials conduct electricity while others do not. Through the experiments they learn that electricity can only flow through a closed circuit.
With the aid of worksheets 2 to 4 they can afterwards review and reinforce what they have learned.

This experiment shows the connection between electricity and magnetism in an impressive way.
This relationship is an important foundation for understanding the processes at power plants, because the way generators and transformers function is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetism.
Worksheet 5, "bicycle dynamo", shows a practical application for electromagnets in the immediate surroundings.
Worksheet 7 shows the pupils how a generator works.

The topic of "generating electricity" is very broad, since it not only covers the principles of producing electrical current, but also touches on renewable and fossil energy sources. With this, the pupils learn about different kinds of power plants and the power plant situation in Austria. Worksheets 6 to 17 and experiments 16 to 20 are available for this.

With worksheet 18, "electricity generated", the pupils gain an overview of the energy forms into which electrical energy can be transformed. Worksheet 19, "Find the solution word", shows that appliances and devices use varying amounts of energy, and with the help of the following worksheets and work assignments (20 to 22), the pupils should become more aware of using electricity consciously.

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