Our environmental indicators and targets

An overview of the key environmental figures and targets

The essential environmental key performance indicators are published in VERBUND's Integrated Annual Report and explained in the section Report on non-financial information.

We offer also a supplementary Excel-file on the website for non-financial data – the so called "NFI-Download" – with sustainability indicators for download. All non-financial data – including environmental KPIs – collected at VERBUND are presented in full and with additional details there.

Our environmental targets

The following medium-term corporate objectives for environmental topics have been defined based on the materiality analysis performed and the VERBUND strategy:

Climate change mitigation

  • Reduce Scope 1 emissions by 16% by 2030 (2015–2030)
  • Reduce Scope 3 emissions from electricity sales to consumers by 5% by 2030 (2020–2030)

Resource and energy consumption

  • Implement economic efficiency measures developed from energy audits
  • Reduce volumes of work materials in use by 10% by 2025

Environmental protection and conservation

  • Invest around €400m by 2027 in environmental measures at rivers such as fish passes and restoration
  • Increase number of fish passes to 89 by 2025
  • Continue ISO 14001 certification of existing sites and incorporate new sites

Further corporate objectives can be found in VERBUNDs Integrated Annual Report.