Our environmental performance

An overview of the key environmental figures

The essential environmental key performance indicators from 2015 to 2017 are included and explained in the main section of VERBUND's Integrated Annual Report 2017.

We offer also a supplementary Excel-file - the so called "NFI-Download" - with sustainability indicators for download. Among other things, the environmental KPI data collected at VERBUND are presented in full and supplemented with additional details - see section downloads on the right.

You can find an extract of the most important non-financial key figures on production and environment right here:

Unit 2015  2016  2017
Hydropower generation1 GWh   28,098 28,809 29,687
Wind power and
photovoltaic generation2
GWh  882  835 952
Thermal power generation
GWh  2,259  1,351  2,227
Specific greenhouse
gas emissions (scope 1,
total electricity generation)3

g CO2e

31 41
Emissions avoided through renewable
kt CO   24,167  25,457 23,666
Percentage of sites certified
in accordance with
ISO 14001 or EMAS5
% 93 93 100
1 incl. purchase rights
2 Data 2015 and 2016 incl. the solar power generated in Spain that was available until the sale of our Spanish activities in mid-December 2016
3 total electricity generated incl. purchase rights excluding generation of district heating; preliminary data prior to audit
4 calculation using the share of thermal generation based on ENTSO-E mix 
5 sites of consolidated companies, excluding wind power plants if the operating company is certified and sites in which VERBUND has a share of < 51% and where another co-owner is responsible for management; position as at 31 December