Offer added value: for employees

At VERBUND, we can only be successful when we focus on our employees and their development.

That’s why we invest a lot in training and development, health and fitness, and support a harmonious work-life balance. We’ve been acting this responsibly as an employee since our founding in the year 1947. And as a company we naturally profit from this in exactly the same way as our employees.

We conduct ourselves in accordance with the respective national work and social legislation in the countries in which we are active. In addition, we are guided by the relevant international agreements and recommendations, such as the Human Rights Declaration of the United Nations.

Our workplace culture banks strongly on working interconnectedly and showing mutual consideration.

Equally important to us are fair wages, with which we show appreciation for above-average dedication. We achieve this with a model for performance-oriented wages.

Bonuses are calculated according to objective and fair criteria, based both on individual performance and on corporate success. In this way the individual performance of each and every employee directly impacts the variable salary.

Qualified and motivated employees are the foundation of our success. The best possible qualifications, personal commitment, and identification with the corporate goals and principles are very important to us at VERBUND.

We bank on individually tailored development opportunities, because we as employer have a responsibility for our employees. Not only that, but our technical and legal framework conditions are constantly changing; all of us at VERBUND have to develop and adapt accordingly. Each year in personal performance reviews, we identify our employees' potential and development needs.

Targeted support and challenging of our employees gives them the opportunity for personal development and at the same time ensures successful implementation of the corporate strategy, as well as maintaining VERBUND's competitive edge.

The skills which our employees acquire through personal development make us successful: With their motivation, know-how and dedication, they master the interdisciplinary challenges innate to the energy industry.

For our training workshops and seminars, we draw on the experience and knowledge of our own employees. External trainers and institutes must meet high quality standards.

This is how we actively and successfully shape our company's future.

We would like to retain top performers in our company over the long term. This is why we place a special emphasis on individually developing the competencies of our skilled and key personnel.

We fill vacant key positions as quickly as possible with qualified successors, thanks to a standardised succession plan. This is one of the central functions of our personnel development.

Within the coming ten years, about 28 percent of our staff will retire. In order to compensate for this, we recruit qualified personnel from the labour market on the one hand, but for years we have been building on our own apprenticeship training as well.

Each year about 30 new apprentices are accepted for training in Austria and Germany. Currently apprentices can complete a dual apprenticeship with us for the professions of electrical engineering and metal technology, or electronic and electrical engineering.
Already for decades the graduation rate has been nearly 100 percent. Nearly all participants in the VERBUND apprenticeship programme complete the training successfully, many of them with honours.

We take preventive measures to avoid work-related accidents and their after-effects. Our employees' safety is very important to us. A group of safety experts with extensive experience supports us in this. They advise the employees and organise and monitor measures at the power plant and grid facilities.

Effective accident prevention requires lots of experience and thought. Preventing accidents includes not only the physical safety of the employees, but also preventing managers from neglecting their precautionary obligations, as well as protecting the facilities.

One's professional activity should be important, meaningful and valuable – but not the only thing in life. There needs to be an appropriate balance between work and private life. We at VERBUND have been encouraging this already for a long time.
So we do our best to adapt the working conditions to one's current situation in life. The resulting work-life balance is one reason that employees stay content and motivated with us over the long term.

Measures such as these have been customary with us for a long time:

  • the option of a third year of parental leave
  • a company agreement on teleworking
  • different time models
  • pension fund
  • child allowance
  • free-of-charge advisory hotline for employees
  • involvement of employees on leave, and easing of re-entry after parental leave

Employees who can count on their employer’s understanding for their private challenges feel seen and valued and supported. They can resolve conflicts more easily, and following their personal problems, they are more quickly available again with their full potential.

Within the framework of the Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth's "Career and Family Audit", all existing measures and offerings for the work-life balance in our company were identified and analysed.
With gratifying results: We have already achieved a high level, which is evident for example in the form of flexible working time solutions and in current projects such as "Healthy & Fit". This results in a strong identification with the company and a good work atmosphere. We aim to not merely maintain this high level, but to expand it.

Here you can find an excerpt of the employee key figures from the current Sustainability Report.:

2020  2021 2022 
Number of employees1 2,980 3,497 3,712
thereof apprentices 164 182 180
newly hired 296 326 415
Training hours per employee2 20.0 26.4 34.4
Average age of employees in years 42.2 41.6 41.2
Fluctuation rate3 1.5% 2.4% 3.1%

1Number of employees according to labour law, excluding board members and employees in phased retirement

2Including managers and permanent leasing staff, excluding apprentices, retention periods, employees seconded to third parties and permanent leave; without safety instructions

3Without retirements, including resignations during the probationary period