Verbund is a Pioneer in Renewable Energies


According to an industry benchmark survey conducted by German rating agency oekom research, Verbund, with a hydropower share of more than 80 %, ranks top internationally in renewable energies.

oekom research has evaluated the sustainability activities of the 30 major stock-listed providers worldwide and, in so doing, taken numerous ecological and social criteria into consideration.

Ranking top internationally in regenerative energies are Cemig, from Brazil, Verbund, from Austria, with a hydropower share of 80 percent respectively, as well as Finnish Fortum, with 40 % of its energy generated from renewable energy sources. Germany's energy giants EON and RWE continue to rely on nuclear power and coal.  Although there are definite investments in alternative energies to be noted, oekom research thinks that these are not likely to lead to significant changes in the energy mix in the near future.

The general trend shows that the large energy providers are somewhat reluctant to switch course towards an energy transformation.

The industry report containing the individual evaluations of the 30 energy providers are in the care of the sustainability team, Mag. Renate Pretscher und Mag. Karin Kichler, and can be consulted for detailed information.

Source: oekom research