Our contribution to climate protection

With generation from renewable energy sources, we are continuing to pursue our path towards a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We are proud of our success to date in reducing the emissions from electricity generation. Much has happened in the last years: the closure of thermal power plants and an increase in renewable generation have made a significant contribution to improving the company's greenhouse gas inventory.

We calculate GHG emissions in accordance with international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Auditors check and verify these calculations. The results are published in the integrated annual report, with further details in the NFI download on our website.  

Our success in CDP climate ratings

VERBUND transparently presents the management of risks and opportunities of climate change, the organizational anchoring and concrete goals and measures at CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) since 2006. 

In 2018 we were ranked A- in the „Leadership“ level, making VERBUND one of the top four companies in Austria (also ranked A-). This means a higher rating than the global average of C in the Electric Utilities sector, where we are among the top 20 Electric Utilities worldwide. Also our score is above the European average of B- regardless of sector.

CDP, formerly Carbon Disclosure Project, runs a disclosure system concerning self-reported environmental data for companies, cities, states and regions worldwide. In 2018, over 7.000 companies with some 50% of global market capitalization responded to the CDP questionnaires.

VERBUND sees a participation in the CDP rating as its' responsibility. It is important for us to show our awareness and approaches in managing climate change.

Our goals for the future

Globally, the aim is to reduce GHG emissions to a level that should limit global warming to less than 2 degrees – or better still, to less than 1.5 degrees. Our target of reducing GHG emissions by 90% in the time period from 2011 to 2021 was approved as science based – e.g. corresponding to these global aims. See also Science Based Target Initiative.

The climate change involves both risks and opportunities. Even before the climate conference in Paris, VERBUND clarified its position on climate protection in a joint position paper with NGOs. You can find our positions on climate change and other environmental topics under  'About VERBUND > Advocacy of Interests'.