Training with a future: Apprenticeships at VERBUND

VERBUND is Austria's leading electricity company and one of Europe's largest hydropower energy producers.

In our company’s more than 70 years of history, we have trained over 2,000 apprentices and given them the opportunity to embark on a successful professional career in the energy industry. The repertoire of our technical and craft professions is diverse. 
Every year, we take on around 40 new apprentices. After completing your training at VERBUND, you’ll find excellent job opportunities waiting for you across Austria and Germany. 

Together, we are the power of the transition.

Decide on an apprenticeship at VERBUND today because you share your interest and enthusiasm for electricity and environmentally friendly energy with us.
Begin a new stage of life with exciting experiences and look forward to a company that really values open coexistence. Not only can you learn a lot from our experienced supervisors, but also work on great projects in teams of male and female apprentices together with our leading specialists.

We want to enable young people to create a sustainable world with renewable energy, above all one filled with opportunities.

VERBUND is a nationally awarded training company

Your possibilities. Your apprenticeships.

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Your power plant. Your apprenticeship.

Our excellent dual apprenticeship for two professions in four years

Do you enjoy fiddling around with machines? Then the dual apprenticeship in “Electrical engineering and metals technology” is the right one for you! 

On the electrical engineering (system and operating technology) apprenticeship, you begin with simple circuits. You are very quickly taught the main protective measures. During your apprenticeship in electrical engineering, you’ll plan, install and manage electrical systems. 

In Metal Technology (Mechanical Engineering Technology), you’ll work with state-of-the-art machine and hand tools, and at the same time program controls of computer-assisted (CNC) machines. You’ll make replacement parts for machines and use them to swap out damaged parts and components. In this way, you’ll familiarise yourself better with the various machines in detail. 

  • In the first year of the apprenticeship, you’ll receive theoretical and practical basic training at one of our training sites in Austria (Ybbs-Persenbeug, Kaprun) or Germany (Töging am Inn). 
  • In the second year, you’ll commence your professional practical experience in the power plant you applied for. At the same time, you’ll expand your theoretical knowledge in the form of modular training courses at one of our training sites. Your time spent at the training site and in the power station is divided equally. The combination of theory and practice ensures the ideal learning process during your apprenticeship. 
  • In years 3 and 4, you’ll learn how to program and visualise complex systems using the latest memory-programmable controls. Your tasks include the installation, testing, initial operation, controlling, maintenance and repair of power plant systems as well as systems for energy supply and energy distribution.
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Your wind farm. Your apprenticeship.

With green energy from wind and sun #proceeding with us together

Apprentice in the fields of electrical engineering and metals technology in Bruck an der Leitha, Burgenland

As the leading company for renewable energy, we supply the whole country with green electricity. Our apprentices play an important role in this as future Service Engineers for wind power and photovoltaic facilities. 

Our apprentices acquire competencies in the areas of electrical engineering and metals technology and, thanks to our sought-after dual apprenticeship, have 2 qualifications after just 4 years.

It should be possible to submit applications for the start of training in September 2024 from August 2023 onwards.

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Your training to become a Surveying Technician

A special apprenticeship perfectly suited to our country’s energy supply.

Apprenticeship in Surveying Technology, duration 3.5 years

Are you interested in an apprenticeship that could take you all over Austria? Even into the mountains and to barrages, rivers, dams and reservoirs? 

In the field of surveying technology, you’ll carry out various measurements with devices such as tachymeter, levelling device and echo sounder around our power plant facilities at locations across Austria. You will then analyse the recorded data and visualise these in graphic 3D data. 

  • In the first year, you’ll receive your basic training from an experienced group of specialists at one of our power plants, which you have applied for. During this time, we will teach you the most important principles of measurement and analysis as well as how to maintain, service and adjust various pieces of equipment.
  • After your basic training, you will deepen your knowledge on the basis of practical assignments, constructive feedback from your mentors and in dialogue with your specialist group. Typical assignments would be recording changes in the river bed as well as analysing and evaluating the data obtained. 
  • On the surveying technology apprenticeship, you’ll get right up close to our country’s energy supply. From assignments in the mountains, via reservoirs to dams, rivers and barrages, this special apprenticeship takes you and your team behind the scenes of a renewable and sustainable future all over Austria.

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