#proceeding – at full power for private households and small enterprises

From old to young. Energy concerns all of us. VERBUND is setting the right wheels in motion to inspire everyone as a green alternative for the future. At VERBUND Energy4Customers alone, we support over half a million private customers with our green products. Making a secure career is possible with us. Let's proceed together!

VERBUND Energy4Customers works entirely in the service of its end customers. Private households and small enterprises have very specific requirements for their energy suppliers. These have to be understood by Energy4Customers, in order to serve them as well as possible. To this end, our highest goal is to make the energy supply for private households as easy as possible. As an energy supplier, we are supporting the energy transition in the private sector and are always available to our customers as a contact partner.

“Creative freedom is when decisions are appreciated by each employee.”

IT projects

approx. per year


data measurement points for the energy industry


created each year for the private customer sector

Thousand existing customers

are supplied annually with electricity and gas

Task variety

  • IT & Product Development

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Business Steering

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IT & Product Development

Our department for the development and optimisation of innovative product offers and IT solutions for the VERBUND private customer sector. As an IT department, we develop websites and online ordering processes, new products and services as well as innovative IT solutions, which are integrated into the existing system landscape. Like in all areas within the energy company, the security of our data takes top priority here.


Our department for the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing customers. As the heart of sales marketing, we would like to appeal to as many potential customers as possible with our products of electricity, gas, photovoltaics and e-charging. Our goal is to win new customers and retain existing customers through online shop offers, advertising campaigns and individual measures.


Our department for the sale of electricity, gas, photovoltaic and electromobility products to end customers and the management of sales partnerships. This is where our sales managers (via sales partners) and account managers pursue classic sales in the segment of household and commercial customers through to small industry, while at the same time supporting our colleagues in internal sales and marketing.

Business Steering

Our department for the creation of decision-making principles for the overall control of our activities in private and commercial customer sales and for ensuring the service quality of customer processes. In Business Steering, specialists manage and coordinate various task areas of private customer support, ranging from controlling, to energy data management and data science, through to process management.