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We have been relying on energy from hydropower in the power plant group since 1924. Let's proceed together! With 13 power plants along the Inn in Bavaria, we guarantee energy for over 200,000 households. This is thanks to the competence and cohesion of our employees, in combination with technical engineering skill. Together, we’re shaping the energy future.

The VERBUND power plant group Inn supplies the country with energy. To this end, it coordinates and manages 13 run-of-river power plants along the Bavarian section of the Inn. In order to cover the high demand for energy here and get the most out of our facilities, the power plant group is divided into different regions:

  • Rosenheim-Feldkirchen
  • Wasserburg-Teufelsbruck-Gars
  • Jettenbach-Töging
  • Neuötting-Perach-Stammham

The headquarters of the power plant group management are in Töging, at the VERBUND head office.

“Most people know that electricity comes from the power outlet. We’re ensuring this remains true for the future.”


are approximately generated by all our power plants together

run-of-river power plants

are managed along the Bavarian section of the Inn

thousand households

are supplied with energy by the Töging am Inn power plant

As guarantor for the energy supply across the Inn region, securing our facilities takes top priority. To put the prerequisites for this in place, our colleagues take care of the maintenance, revitalisation, servicing and many other tasks at our power plants along the Inn. 
Our operations are also to be seen as training sites, which is why we focus on the development of our apprentices. These are to be trained specifically on the use of equipment and taught more about working at a power plant.

The demand for sustainable electricity is growing. Apart from generating new electricity, the objective is also to secure the existing electricity supply and cover this demand as well as possible. As a river, the Inn is a guarantee for energy, which enables us to generate electricity in an efficient way and make it available to people across the country. Without the Inn workgroup, more than just the lights would go out in many places.

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Current vacancies
Robert Schießl

power plant operator

Tobias Fleckinger

power plant operator

Andreas Englmaier

Apprentice trainer

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