Financial energy for your future: #vorangehen (#proceed) with the VERBUND Scholarship for Women

VERBUND specifically supports highly qualified women in collaboration with TU Wien. With the VERBUND Scholarship for Women, three outstanding female students at TU Wien are supported for a whole year.

The main objective is to acquire technicians for VERBUND and to promote their personal further development with a shot of financial energy.

Dedicated students from technical fields of study may apply: information technology, business informatics, industrial engineering, technical mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or civil engineering.

It is important that the applicants have already garnered professional experience in the form of study-related internships. Excellent English skills are a must, and other foreign language skills would be a plus.

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VERBUND scholarship for women

Use the financial energy of the VERBUND scholarship for women for yourself and your studies! Your application will be processed by the TU Career Centre.

The application period for the current funding year has ended.

The three winners of the VERBUND Scholarship for Women receive a tailored sponsorship package worth 5,000 euros, of which the majority should be used for personal and professional further development. The team of the TU Career Centre accompanies the scholarship holders on their way with a comprehensive package of advice.

The applicants first have to undergo a video interview. The best-qualified participants are invited to the hearing. This selection procedure involves having to convince a top-class panel with presentations and team exercises. The panel consists of HR experts and top executives from VERBUND as well as experts from the TU Career Center, among others. We naturally handle your application confidentially.
For the current funding period the deadline for handing in applications ended on May 29th, 2023.

The scholarships will be presented at a festive event organised by the TU Wien in fall.

Bojana Ostojic, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

"I found it particularly easy to grasp the technical subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry while at school. My bachelor's degree offers a basis for many different specialisations and I can use my knowledge to cooperate on future technical inventions. That's how I can make my contribution to society. Not everyone has a talent for technology and it shouldn't be wasted – that's why I want to encourage women to take up a technical professions."

Hanna Madlmayr, Bachelor of Civil Engineering

"I think it's important to highlight women in technology as a way of creating role models for subsequent generations, and I also see it as being part of my social responsibility to get active in this area. Only when more women study and work in STEM subjects can we achieve lasting equality. Civil Engineering is a very wide-ranging discipline with groundbreaking topics – which is what fascinates me so much about it. There are huge challenges like climate change and the sustainable conversion of our infrastructure – I'd like to get hands on with solving these problems."

Ivona Stojanović, Master of Data Science

"In any case, I'm planning to do something that is good for humanity – focusing on sustainability is very important to me. On a holiday internship, I was able to experience how technology makes everything possible for people. Ultimately, that encouraged me to study at the Vienna University of Technology. In times of digitalisation, we're bombarded with a huge variety of data containing information that has to be recorded. I really like taking on such challenges and dealing with tricky tasks. A technical degree involves a lot of hard work and stamina – no matter what your gender."

Photo Gallery Women's Stipend Recipients

VERBUND Women's Stipend Alumni Events

The Alumni Event was initiated the beginning of October 2013. This promotes exchanges and networking among the women. Here, the Women's Stipend recipients have the opportunity to interact with female VERBUND managers. Invitations go out to all stipend recipients who have been awarded the VERBUND Women's Stipend from 2009 onwards.

Anna Haller, Master's recipient 2009 on the Alumni Events:
"I was delighted to receive the invitation to the alumni get-together for the VERBUND Women's Stipend. That's a great opportunity for networking and an exchange of experiences. The visit to the Freudenau power plant was very interesting and it helped us get to know VERBUND better. Thank you very much for the excellent organisation!"

Clarissa Stracke, Bachelor's recipient 2011 on the Alumni Events:
Many thanks for the fascinating and enjoyable afternoon yesterday! It was a real pleasure, and fun to get to know all the others."